Ughhh - cricut broken

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Ughhh - cricut broken

I am SICK over this. Seriously!

I went to use my cricut last night only to find that the pressure dial is BROKEN. It was a gift and my husband can't find the receipt - you know- the thing that validates the warrenty!!!!!!! He bought it from Wal-Mart and I'm going to see if they'll return it.

Pray pray pray. A stupid thing to pray about, I know, but that is one expensive machine to just be broke!

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Call Provo craft, from what I read on another board some people had problems with their cricut and called provo craft and they sent a new cricut to them. I have no idea what they had to verify or anything like that but calling them is worth a shot.

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Oh, I hope you get it replaced. Ugh!

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Oh boy, I would be sick too! I hope you can get it replaced! Sad

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oh, I would be devastated!!! now I wonder where I put my receipt in case something like that ever happened to me. ack. I sure hope you can get it replaced!

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I would be devastated! I hope it gets fixed for you, or they send you a new one!

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oh no!!
hope you can get it fixed/replaced something
then keep that reciept in a safe place---preferrably away from DH Wink