Ultrasound LO and one more

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Ultrasound LO and one more

I did this us LO a couple weeks back and LOVED every minute of it. It is of my second boy. I had a us at like 8 weeks cause of bleeding. Smile The other is of Easter obviously. TFL

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These are great Carrie! I love doing u/s layouts! They are just so exciting and fun. I have a stack or Jamie's Easter pics to do. I need to get started on them soon!

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love them both! great job. i love the green hand on the u/s page.

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I love the highlighted "G" in the first layout. Great layering! And the ribbon is the perfect touch on the second layout.

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cute! I agree, the tied ribbon is perfect on that Easter layout! And where did you get that adorable little hand from on the ultrasound layout? so sweet...
I am so excited we are ALMOST to the point of seeing Griffin's face! LOL

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Ha Karen!!! I am excited too! Smile I got a pack of hands like that from Michaels many moons ago.

THanks for all the nice comments ladies. Smile

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I love the u/s layout. Love how you managed a really nice layout with the little picture.

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I suck, I never did a layout for any of my ultrasounds. I think it's so neat that you captured that time in your life. and I love the ribbon on your Easter layout. my Easter layouts are always crazy with pictures, and I think your three pictures really showed me that less can be more.