Ultrasound/Pregnancy LO

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Ultrasound/Pregnancy LO

Soo...here is my latest LO. The idea hit me as I was going thru my paper stash. I love it. hehe. I'm really glad it came out like I pictured it. I wanted to do a pretty big journal section on the first page as we had a scare at 13 weeks along, and it was the first time I felt that "momma instinct." It was also one of the times I'll never forget of being so scared.


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aww its cute! Smile

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Oh wow your story was so touching! I read the journaling on the side. What a scary experience!

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Oh yeah and the page of course is too freaking adorable! Forgot to add that tidbit in there ha ha!

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It turned out great!

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The way you cut the u/s pic into a heart is great! I loved that! and I like the torn paper under the pregnant picture! Great job!

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great lo's, pretty paper

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Awww, beautiful. I love how you cut the heart - sweet. Smile

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That is absolutely adorable! The journaling really gets to ya!!!

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I love it! The journaling is really touching too...how scary.

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So sweet.

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Beautiful....great journaling!!

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Glad ya'll enjoyed Smile

I couldn't do that page without the journal. It was the first time I remember putting the baby before myself. Every doctor and nurse was told, "Make me better, without hurting the baby." The nurses in L&D were impressed with that. They even remembered me when I had the baby and came in and visited. They were the most awesome nureses.

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Oh my goodness that is adorable! I love your heart too! TFS!