Ultrasound Results

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Ultrasound Results

So Andrea (DD) was right all along, we are having a

I was happily surprised. I wanted another girl so I think I had convinced myself it was going to be a boy so that I wouldn't be disapointed. Andrea acted like it was no big deal and that is what she had always expected. She never did let us imply that it might be a boy.

We were at the store for something else this evening so I bought an adorable little summer outfit for her.

I did get some pictures, not that great but they tried. The best shot is actually the gender shot. Same as DD, they coudn't really get a profile picture.

Heartrate was 170. They estimated the weight at 12oz and she was measuring just a few days ahead of her due date on most measurements.

Can't wait to scrap some more girl photos Wink

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SISTERS!!! CONGRATS!!!!! I am right there with you when it come to girl pages. They are just so much easier for me to do. However I have 4 boys and 1 girl so I better get going on the boy pages. Can't wait to see a U/S lo Smile

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Yay Stephanie! So happy for you! What fun it will be having two little girls.

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aww congrats! i did the same thing before our u/s...thought it would be a girl since i wanted another boy Lol

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Congratulations!! How fun will that be!?

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Congrats!!!!! Does she have a name yet?

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that's fantastic news!

where are you on the name front? Wink

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Congratulations!!! Another beautiful baby girl

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2 girls? lucky you! i cant wait to see many more girly pages from you! Wink i really wanted a girl when i was pregnant with kylee( i wanted the experience of raising one of each gender!), and i convinced myself she was a boy so i wouldn't be too disappointed. now Ryan tells me he would rather have a brother than his sister, too bad kiddo. that is what you are stuck with! lol

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We haven't really talked names at all yet. Even when we do though, we may keep it a surprise. We did with Andrea.

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Congrats, that's awesome news!!

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I was so excited when I saw this, Andrea is going to be such an awesome big sister. Her little sister is going to look up to her so much.

Funny thing for me is I have a heard time making Hailey pages because I got used to doing boy stuff. Not that I have put much time into it but when I do sit down to attempt to scrap her something I draw blanks. I'm sure once I get into a groove the girl pages will come more easily.

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YAY!!! So happy for you!!! Andrea will have a life-long best friend!!!!

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Woooohoooo!!!! Congrats on another girl, they rock!!!! Yahoo Course I'm biased, haha! But I agree, girls are so much easier to scrap for me as well.

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CONGRATS!!!! I am so happy for you!! I did the exact same thing when I was pregnant with Randy. I though he was a girl b/c I secretly wanted a boy! We were pleasantly surprised!