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Don't think you can just sneak that little announcement in the challenge thread! Congrats!!!! Yahoo

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yep, congratulations!!!!

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Woohoo! HH9M !

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hey congratulations!!! Yahoo

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Wow! Congrats!

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BUSTED!:eek: Wink

Thanks for the congrats...we're still in shock, but scrapping helped make it more real.

Oh, and ftr, that's Ella's u/s pic...I haven't had one yet this time (first appt. next Wednesday).

No idea what my edd is b/c not sure when I got preggo! It's crazy b/c dh and I had not discussed having more kids, but after I got a bfp he told me that he was happy I was preggo but also felt weird b/c he is happy with our little family now and didn't want any more kids. God has a funny sense of humor, huh? Glad he saved us from an argument about having a third. ROFL

Three under three. Wow.

It was nice to see this post with my name on it, btw! I wanted to share with all of yall but always want to be sensitive to those TTC and yearning for little kiddies of their own!

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Ah, you are so sweet!! I wish I knew your first name, any chance you could add it to your signature??? LOL I never knew what it was I"m ashamed to say.

Congrats to you and your little family. HH9M!!

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Congratulations! So happy for you! Your kids will be best of friends. My twin and my brother and I are all 17 months apart and were/are very close.

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Congratulations, girlie! 3 under 3 will be tough, I'm sure, but there will be so many good times, too!

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You are one brave lady. three under three, not sure I could do that. I have a 6, 4 and 20 month old and I have my hands full.


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Everything I have ever read has said that # 3 is the easiest to adjust to having. I don't think I believe it though LOL. Congrats again though.

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congratulations!!! hh9m

you can do the 3 under of my best friends did it and now has 4 ages 4 and under. they are 4,3,2 and 2 months!!!

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"gaidinsgirl" wrote:

Everything I have ever read has said that # 3 is the easiest to adjust to having. I don't think I believe it though LOL. Congrats again though.

I keep hearing that too, I also don't believe it Lol but we're done at 2 so I guess I'll never find out!

HH9M I'm sure you'll be just fine with 3 little ones once you adjust to it all.

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I found that going from 2-3 was FAR easier than 1-2! Seriously!

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Congrats Candace! I can't even imagine 3 under 3 ... but you'll just take it one day at a time and all will be good. Smile The transition from 2 to 3 IS easier than 1 to 2. I'm excited for you!

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congratulations Yahoo hh9m

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CONGRATS! I am thrilled for you! 3 under 3 :eek: you are one brave woman, but I believe you will be blessed!

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I'm so glad you shared. Don't ever not shared because some of us are trying. Honestly, if it bothered us all too much, we probably wouldn't post on a "pregnancy" board Wink I can't speak for everyone, but good news is good news!

So excited for you. You will have your hands so full with a bunch of really little ones. Poor hubby didn't even get to tell you no more Lol That makes me laugh since he probably would have changed his mind when they got a little older anyway Wink

Congrats!!!!! Can't wait to find out when you are due!