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Unexpected visitor (XP)

When someone knocked on our door this morning we had no clue who it could be. The little dogs were in the front yard, so we were impressed that anyone braved the walk to the front door. It was an older gentleman (in his 60s I would guess).

He explained that a long time ago he lived in our house. Our house was built in 1920 and was moved about 8 years ago from a different location, so we asked him if he was sure it was this one. He told us exactly where we knew it had been located and said he was sure. He told us that he had been at a family reunion this past weekend and his aunt was asking if he knew what happened to the house she was born in. He did some investigating and found us. Smile We asked him if he wanted to come in and look around, and he stepped into the house (just barely). He told us a few things... Scout's room was his when he was little. He said that he really wanted to bring his aunt out and asked if it would be okay. We said sure, we would love to hear about the history of the house!

So sometime after the weekend of the 4th, they are going to come and tour the house. I am thinking of asking if I can video tape her memories of it. I just thought that was cool and wanted to share. Smile

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Wow!!! That is so awesome! If your house is that old, I want to see pictures!!! I love older houses. Smile What an amazing visitor. I would love to live in a house that has history!

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Wow, I bet the aunt will love walking through it. How special!

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That's really sweet of you do allow them to look and remember their times there. I think history on houses are really neat.

When we bought our house (at 70+ yrs), there was an old lady living in it. She had lived her pretty much her whole life. Her FIL built the house. She was torn leaving it. It was sad.

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That's really neat! I've always wanted to go back to the house I was first in as a baby, and now I have my chance (my great aunt and uncle just bought it!) ... videotaping is such a good idea too!

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Definately get some ideas for scrapbooking from him. Maybe they have some old pictures of the house you could have/copy. It will be neat to record the history.

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that is so cool!

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That's really great. I love hearing about stuff like that Biggrin

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How neat. My DH and I almost bought a 100 year old house recently. I wish we had but we weren't crazy about the location.

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I just did "a day in the life" on my birth board (feb 08 ) and have these pics of the house and land in case anyone wants to see

These are the danes. Deebo is on the right and Dali is on the left. Dakota is hiding out in their room in the barn.

This is the dog's view of the house. That window on the bottom right is the kitchen and the one above that is our room. Yes, that's the infamous balcony... good memories there! Wink

Here is the barn

And the other half

These are the vehicles. The mustang, motorcycle, and Jetta belong to Michael. The Focus on the right is mine. Usually, the Mustang and the motorcycle live in the barn, but he is in the process of cleaning out that section, so they are out in the yard for now.

Here is the side opposite the driveway. Scout and I like to hang out on the hammock there.

This is the view from the hammock. Last year this was a corn field. They didn't plant it this year, though.

This is the front of the house that faces the street. The window on the top left is Scout's room. Top right is the guest bedroom.

Atilla and Boss want to play when they see me in the front yard.

The driveway towards the street

The driveway facing the barn (this is the side Michael is cleaning)

I love this pecan tree

This is the side of the house that faces the driveway