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hey all! I've been checking out the threads all evening....love them!!! I can't reply to each, as I'm totally tired right now. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It's been a very busy week/weekend for us. We finished up a lot of remodeling that has been lingering for a loooong time, cleaned out closets, etc. etc. I needed to get room in Kayson's closet for Cohen's stuff. It's a tight squeeze when you live in a tiny house, so I had to purge a little. Then we finished all our holiday decorating! Whew! Biggrin
I'm going to try and work on addressing Christmas cards tomorrow. I feel bad that I bought store-bought cards this year, but I'm just not going to get the time to make everyone a card. :confused:
Anyways, just wanted to let you all know that I'm loving the creativity, but didn't have time to reply to each thread!


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Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

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welcome back girl! Missed you!:D

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So are you going to share some pics of all your efforts??? LOL Glad to hear you can rest a bit now Charys...I know you've been busy.

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Glad you had a Great Thanksgiving with your family Charys.

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Glad you had a good holiday, and don't worry about the store-bought cards, noone will mind! Smile

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sounds like a busy time!!!! and there is nothing wrong with store bought cards!! I really can't imagine making cards for everyone (which is why I love photo cards). keep popping in, even when you're not being creative, you know I love seeing you here.

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we miss you! but its ok when you want to spend time with your RL family too Biggrin

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Miss ya! Hope you are doing well. Can't wait meet this new little guy!

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I'm sure you are exhausted after all of that. It is much harder to do all of that work when pregnant, so high five to you!

Don't feel bad about buying cards. Christmas is the one time of the year where I generall don't make my own cards. It is just too overwhelming when there are other projects that need done too.