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Just wanted to update...We had Cart's interview today and the home visit. All went well. She was even jealous of my scraproom LOL!

I have another request though. A friend of a friend just had twin girls and we were asked if we would be interested. We told our friends yes and now we are just waiting for more info. Please pray that God's will be done in this situation, whether or not the babies are place with us. I haven't gotten my hopes up because we don't know a whole lot just yet.

Thanks for all your support as we go through this journey.

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:bigarmhug: praying for you

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Saying a prayer for these little ones. God has a plan and I know that but would love to hear that these babies are yours to hold!

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Glad to hear all went well with Cart's session. Will definitely say a prayer for those little ones. KUP

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Definately praying that all goes well for both you and those little girls.
Glad the session went well, not surprised she was jealous over your scrap room Wink

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I'm jealous of your scrap room and I've never seen it (pics, please?!). Wink

Praying for you as you are on this adoption journey!

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So glad it went well. And I giggled at the scraproom jealousy.

Definitely saying a prayer for those baby girls, and that they end up with you. That would be an answer to many prayers.

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My prayers are with you and your family!