UPDATE about yesterday's Chicago trip OT
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Thread: UPDATE about yesterday's Chicago trip OT

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    Default UPDATE about yesterday's Chicago trip OT

    Just wanted to post about the McDonalds audition yesterday. Jazzy did great. I could not see her but I heard the lady saying "yes, just like that awesome!'' I thought the main lady looked familiar so I asked Jazz if we knew her and Jasmin said she had worked with her on a Sears back to school job. I think thats good cause Jazz did so well on that job directing her "little sister" lol. So we will see. The pics will be in all of US McDonalds and Canada.
    On a bad note since I became pregnant I had to stop the meds I take for my neck. Well so far I was doing okay without them till the drive yesterday. I got home and could not move my head at all. I think if she gets it I will see if dh can take her so I don't have to drive.
    Once I get some energy back I will have to post my page from the crop but really it is so simple I am embarrassed to show it LOL!

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    glad the audition went well, crossing my fingers for her. but that sucks about your neck. is there anything safe you can take for it? that just sounds miserable. and I'm sure your "simple" page is not as simple as you think, I know you! I can't wait to see it!
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    That sounds fantasic!!! Share your page! I love simple!

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    sorry to hear your neck is giving you trouble again. sounds like Jazz did a great job...hopefully she gets it! please share your page...I am sure it is great

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    well considering your "normal" pages are out of this world, I'm guessing your simple one will still be fabulous! lol....Whip it out! Whip it out! LOL (Sorry, I had a "Friends" line stuck in my head )

    I'm sorry about your neck...I'll keep you in my prayers with that...poor thing

    Great news on Jazz's trip to Chicago! I will definitely be watching for her ads! (Even though I promised Wayne I wouldn't be within 500 feet of any McDonalds. lol)
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    Would love to see a LO from you!

    So sorry about your neck...just being preggo is hard enough in and of itself.

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    I KNEW she'd do awesome! That's so cool! I can't wait to see her at my local McDonald's. Even if it's just on a billboard.

    As for your neck, oh no! I'd talk to your OB and ask if there is anything she can prescribe you. 9 months is waaaay too long to suffer like that.
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    How exciting for Jasmine. I can't even imagine!! Sorry to hear about your neck though, hoping dr. can help you girl. KUP on both okay!
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