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Update to all

Hey gals, I just wanted to tell you all I am still here. I was gone for a while due to all of my neck problems. It ended up getting so bad I could not even look down to type at all so I was off the computer for about a month. I guess the next move is to go in and burn the nerves Sad Scary so I have not made the appt. yet. By the way has anyone ever had this done???? If so how did it go? I also go in for a catscan in the morning cause they think all the pressure I am feeling may be caused by too much spinal fluid. Not fun. All of this when I should be packing cause we are moving soon:) Smile :)

Anyhow my reason for this post was to let you all know if you see me lurking but not responding or responding to some threads and then suddenly logging off it is just due to the pain. I have to limit my typing since I still look down to type or I end up paying for it the next day.

I hope to be all moved and better soon cause I miss scrapbooking so much and also miss all of you. Great pages everyone and Linda and Ashley your babies are beautiful.

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oh no! that does not sound like fun! i hope you get some relief very soon! good luck tomorrow.

"tialee" wrote:

I hope to be all moved and better soon cause I miss scrapbooking so much and also miss all of you. Great pages everyone and Linda and Ashley your babies are beautiful.

thanks! i'm madly in love with my new liitle guy! Wink

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Glad to hear you're doing ok, but that seems scary about having the catscan and everything! My mom had a problem like that, it ended up being a pinched nerve, she was in more pain than she ever had before (including labour, she told me). I hope they find a fix for you soon!

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Oh dear! Im so sorry you are having so much pain and having to miss your scrap time Sad I sure hope they can figure out what the problem is and fix it SOON!! Take care of yourself!

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Oh hun... I understand neck pain. Yours is much worse then mine, but I understand. I'm going through therapy to recreate a curve in my neck so my neck can properly support my head without causing migranes and TMJ problems.

My mom has had her neck fused twice, but I don't think there was any burning of nerves done with it. (She was in an accident when she was 14.)

I hope you find some relief.

Take care of yourself. I certainly have missed you here, but I understand and I know you'll be back when you can with stories of Jasmin, and Damien's first modelling job and all of your AWESOME pages.

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Yes Trina, like your mother I would prefer labour over the pain I had. Today is much better. Thank God. Now if dh wakes up he will yell at me for being on the computer cause he knows it makes me worse so hopefully he will sleep in so I don't get busted lol

Michelle and everyone else yes I can't wait to scrap again. I hope I can after the burning thing. I will just take a pain pill and right when it kicks in I will do a page lol
Jasmin and I took a break from modeling but now we are back on. She was in the ad last week in a coat!!! I say that cause she is always in pjs. Damien's ad comes out Feb 11th and I can't wait. Tyson has been doing better. My poor little guy. I tell you if you met him you would never know he has Epilepsy Smile He did have a small seizure last week but thank god that has been the only one in December. I feel so good today that I really don't want to go in for the catscan Sad but I know I still should. Talk to you all soon

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i hope that you feel better soon!! and i hope you can get some relief!!
we miss you and your awesome LO's!

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Hi Tia!! So good to hear from you. I hope you can be pain free soon..I can only imagine how it must hurt. Sad So exciting about your kids and the ads. That has to be sooo cool!! How did Damien like it? Hope you are back with us on a regular basis soon!

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yikes! that sounds painful. I have missed you around here, always love your pages. and every time we get a Kohls circular, I'm always looking for Jasmine. Smile let us know how the scan goes.

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I'm so sorry. That sounds both painful and frustrating. I hope they figure out what is causing it and can actually fix it for you. Please drop in once in a while and keep up updated. We miss you.

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Ouch! I hope they can find some relief for you. Not fun!

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Ugh Tialee!! I've been thinking of you girl. Sad I hope you get answers and the doctors can help you 100%! Hugs.:bigarmhug:

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I hope you get answers and a solution soon. That has to be painful. I'll be thinking of you!

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sorry I haven't replied earlier. couldn't logon to this website for over a week (argh). Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Hope that you find a solution soon. The burning nerves sounds very scary. Glad to hear that the family is doing well. Keep us updated whenever you can. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with everything

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Hope all goes well!

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Hope your feeling somewhat better. Have you scheduled the cat scan? I hope moving is going well. Are you staying in the Milw. area?

Take care of yourself!

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"Avalon321" wrote:

Hope your feeling somewhat better. Have you scheduled the cat scan? I hope moving is going well. Are you staying in the Milw. area?

Take care of yourself!

Yeah The cat scan I had to move to next week cause Tyson was not feeling well on Friday so I did not want to leave him. He is better now though.
I will still be about 20 min north of Milwaukee cause I am only moving 15 min away. I am so excited I can't wait to move just wondering if I showed you girls pics of the new house yet? I don't think I did. Well i will add them soon.
Thanks everyone for caring this IS the nicest board of gals ever!

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Tia I hope that the move goes smoothly and that your neck feels better soon. I can not even imagine how much pain you are dealing with.

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I sure hope you are able to move safely with all the neck pain Sad KUP on the cat scan!