update.... baby coming soon

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update.... baby coming soon

Hey ladies!!! Sorry I haven't been on the boards much alot has been going on with us. One of my close friends IRL and I have been scrapping at her house alot over the past 2 weeks so I've been trying to get as much done of ds' book and start the baby's book as I can. Last wednesday I felt the baby drop and ever since I've been having a lot of pressure and pain and also my ankles have been super swollen starting around noon everyday. Then yesterday was my 36 wk dr appt and we found out i'm 2cm and 50% effaced. So needless to say the baby is coming soon and we thought we had until the 18th of july or around there. So i'm sorry that i haven't been able to upload the pics of my LOs or even of the stuff i got at the scrapping yard sale (about 1 month ago now). We've been so busy trying to pack and make room for some of the baby's stuff since now the baby will be arriving for a few weeks prior to our move. All the while now we're still looking at houses.

Just wanted to check in and let u all know that i'll probably be lurking more than anything. You ladies all do such great work...hope you are enjoying your summer thus far. I'll update as often as I can.

I know I said I would add a bunch of you ladies to my facebook, and just haven't gotten to it sorry. If you have Charys on your friends list you should be able to find me on that.... just look for a Brittany with the last initial K. If you would like my email addy let me know.

if u've gotten this far thanks for reading......and also if u've ever been at 2cm early on, how long did it take u to go into full labor? dh and i were trying to estimate last night how much longer we potentially have (like a range). We were thinking the baby could come anywhere from next week until 38 weeks (we're currently at 36 1/2). The dr doesn't seem to think I'll make it to my 38 wk visit.

Anyway hope you all are doing great and ttys

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exciting times!

but I hate to tell you this, I've had TWO friends stay at 3cm for almost a full month. so 2cm could be soon for you but it could also still be a little ways off. I never really dilated before true labor (other than 1cm a few days beforehand) so I can't give any firsthand experience. but it does sound like it's sooner rather than later for you. how exciting!

I'll have to hunt you down on FB. Smile

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Congrats! Make sure you update us when the baby is born!!! For eveything else you are excused Smile I mean of corse your busy, you have a baby in your tummy!!!! Good luck with the move. Oh and I was induced at 36 weeks every time so no idea about the 2 cm thing Smile

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Very exciting!! There was a girl on my BB who was dialated to a 3/4 for a full month too! She actually ended up being induced, too! So, it could be soon or it could be awhile yet!

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I'm so excited for you Biggrin (however soon the baby comes!) :bigarmhug:

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Glad you are getting a lot of scrapping done with your friend. These last weeks are so tough without knowing "how long". Best wishes!

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Well on the other side of things, my water broke with Scout at 3cm, so it could be a month still or could be any time! Wink Best of luck to you and let us know for sure when you pop! Wink

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"AshnBill" wrote:

There was a girl on my BB who was dialated to a 3/4 for a full month too! She actually ended up being induced, too!

Same with my SIL. Good luck whenever it happens!!! Biggrin And that's great that you are catching up on your scrapbooking while you wait. It's always more fun to work with a friend!

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That's great that you are getting a lot of scrapping done before baby comes! I have also heard of women going for a full month being quite dilated. There is a woman on another mb that I am on that was in early labor at 33 weeks, dilated to 3 cms at a month early and it was her due date yesterday with no baby here yet so you just never know.

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Exciting times! Lots of ELVs if you do go into labor soon. Otherwise I hope you're not too uncomfortable yet. Can't wait to hear that you are in labor or already had your baby.

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No advice but don't forget to send me a text!

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Good luck to you and KUP okay???

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That sounds very exciting, KUP! Bad news from me, too - my friend was 3 cm and 50% for over a month before her baby came!