update and back to the floor

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update and back to the floor

Hi to all- I have been gone for a little while so I thought I would post. I think I am nesting early cause this last week I took everything out of my scrapbook room, washed the walls, and painted it blue for the baby. When he grows up if he ever tells me I don't love him I will take out the pictures of my scrapbook room and say - if this isn't love I don't know what is.
The crib is still on the way but I posted pics of my progress so far. These are before and after pics.
Also I took a belly pic and edited it using corel paint shop pro which you can download for free. It is an easy program to use as I am horribe with computers ( I still don't have my signature up) so if I can use it anyone can. I am going to blow up this pic for the nursery of me at 5 months although I look more like 7 months. Hey can I do that for then and now me skinny and then me big? Just Kidding


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Awwww, I love the belly pic!!! That is great!

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great belly shot! love the ribbon. Wink

so where will you scrapbook now that you've emptied the room?

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That IS love!!! I love the belly pic. Smile

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I love the belly pic too. Great shot!

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Look at that beautiful belly! I SO miss being preggo!

I was wondering where you will be scrapping at now too! Wink I love the pics of the nursery so far!

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Aww, what a nice mommy - giving him your scrapbooking room. Smile

I love that belly pic!

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Thanks- I will now be scrapping on my floor but thats okay I made some of my best pages there. The only thing that sucks is now I have to clean up right away vs closing the door.

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What a precious belly pic!

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Great pictures!!!