And an Update from Me!

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And an Update from Me!

Hello! No, I didn't fall off the face of the Earth, but it sure seems like it. Blum 3 With having zero internet at work, my internet time when I get home at night is almost none. You can read a semi-update from me here:

I spent nearly the whole day re-organizing the boy's room. I organized all my scrapbooking stuff too. It was hard continuing on cleaning when all I wanted to do was SCRAP. hehe

Soo......Sarah's shower went really well.....that was almost a month ago. :eek: But I did promise to post pics, so I will do so.....most of you have probably seen them on Facebook, so don't feel like you have to comment. Wink LOL!!

These are the wooden letters I spray-painted black to go on the food table.

the cupcake toppers and the water bottles


the sign-in spot.

the card I made Sarah

and the only other creative things I've done recently.....simple.....

for DH's niece who just had a baby.....they did his room in sock monkeys. Smile

and a couple pics of my 6-monther! :eek:

He is just such a sweet, good baby and Kayson is an awesome big brother!!! I'm pretty lucky. Wink

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Aw girl! Thanks so much for posting those, it just MADE my night! I am not on FB anymore, so I really enjoyed seeing these. He is such a doll and looks sooooo big and soooo happy! I love it!! I bet that shower was so great! I am so happy for Sarah and Chet and hope baby brings them all the joy they anticipate he will. how blessed he already is to have wonderful, eager parents and great aunt too. Smile TFS

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I had to quit cold turkey because of Josiah's problems... so the advice you've been given is spot on. Wean Cohen by eliminating feedings. I've weaned that way and cold turkey, and cold turkey HURTS. Besides benedryl to dry up, cabbage leaves fit nicely in your bra, and REALLY help. Just refrigerate and go. Can re-refrigerate as long as you have a way of keeping them apart from the rest of the Plus any feedings you can get in there are great bonding times for you. I have a friend who's daughter only nurses at night, and at first it was a little difficult, but now she really looks forward to that time.

Sorry you have to wean Cohen, but I understand. When I was full time pumping, it took away even more of the very precious time with my kids. Congrats on making it this far!

Thanks for the update. I see you on FB, but it's always great for a longer check-in.

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wow, I could just save all of your cards for ideas for cards of my own. You rock cards!

I am sorry you are having to wean him, that must be so hard. I have no advice on that, but i hope you figure something out to stop being in pain.

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Thanks for the update. Did u create the sign in book too? Such beautiful maternity photos. That is an awesome shower. Love all the little details you put into it.

Sorry to hear about your difficulties with the pain from weaning. that's awesome that you exclusively BFed as long as u have. I always had to supplement from day 1 and each time it's emotionally hard. You'll get through it though you are one strong mommy.

Can't believe Cohen is 6 months already and crawling....ah time flies.
Have u had any time to scrap these days other than the cards? Beautiful cards by the way. Always love your work.

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You're so talented! I love all of your stuff here, but that Thank Ewe card is CUTE!!

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sure miss seeing you around! I can't believe Cohen is 6 months old already!! I was surfing through pictures last night and found pictures of the diaper I made him. Seemed like just yesterday! Love all of the baby shower stuff, that's super cute! And as usual, I have card envy from your cards. Good luck with the weaning, I know that must be hard. I kinda wish you stuck with just the nights so you could keep going. Your body can get used to that. But I get what you're saying about just wanting to do it all at once. Hope you're feeling better today!

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Thank you all! :bigarmhug:

Gwen, I actually AM going to try breastfeeding just at nights. I have for the last 3 nights. The only problem is my milk supply seems so much during the days still. Guess my body will eventually figure it all out? I sure hope so!!

Brittany, no I didn't make the sign-in book. A friend of Sarah's made it for her and it was beautiful!!

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Yes, your body WILL figure it out. When I was tapering off, I went to only nights and mornings and then just nights.

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Oh my, Charys! The boys are getting so big! I love all the stuff from the shower. Glad you are doing well, but of course we miss you.

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Charys, I LOVE that pic above your pic with the sign in book! You are the queen of cards, I totally love all the cards you make, you're so creative! I totally need one of those embossing machines you use to texturize. What brand, etc do you use?

I hope the nursing issue resolves itself quickly. I heard the cabbage works wonders as well. Your boys are so adorable!

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I was wondering where you were. I have checked in a few times (lurked) and was wondering about you. Glad to hear you are okay and :shock: on Cohen crawling! Crazy isn't it how fast they grow up! Love your new work, and I will be praying for you on the weaning process. You did GREAT!!