Update from me along with cards, bags, and some major loot

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Update from me along with cards, bags, and some major loot

I wish I had more time to be crafty ... right now it's so sporadic that it's almost painful to try to create when I sit down to do it. It just takes me a really long time to get started, and by the time I'm in the groove, it's time to be done. I need a full two days of nothing but scrapbooking. And that won't happen. My family doesn't understand my desire to scrapbook, and it's certainly not appreciated at this point in my life. I'm dying for school to start because I am bound and determined to use two days of Natalie's preschool time to scrapbook a week. I'm so far behind, it's not even funny. I'm actually a bit depressed about it. Of course, being behind in my photography makes it worse, because I want to be caught up there before I sit down with paper and photos in hand.

Anyhow, here's what I *have* done in the last week.

My mom's birthday card ... I lifted a set of cards I did back in January to create this ... still look longer than it should have (partly because I had to search for one last pennant to finish this - it was hiding on the floor under my desk).

Aug082010_0051 copy

And I sewed gift bags for my mom and sister.

My sister's is in the front, Mom's is the country themed ones behind those (I hadn't threaded the ribbon ties yet, so they're all open)

Aug092010_0031 copy

And here's my sister's with the ribbons (Mom opened hers on Monday, my sister's birthday is today but I won't see her until Sunday). The big bag in the back actually has a square bottom sewn into it, so that took a lot longer. But the gift wouldn't fit unless the bag had a bottom. I keep the bags and reuse them ... it's funny, they open their gifts and then I just take the bags with me. Wink

These simple cards took me FOREVER because I had the hardest time picking the papers to go with each one. On the two right cards, the tag is outlined in glitter glue, on the left one the three dots are glitter glue. On the inside of each will be a vellum "Happy birthday" (the glue was still drying when I took these, so I hadn't adhered the vellum yet)

Aug122010_0054 copy

These are the last cards I did ... and I wish I had done them first, because I would have made them ALL like this. I'm so happy with how they came out!!!! The tag is embossed with "Make a wish" and it came out so nice!

Aug122010_0056 copy

Meghan is my sister, and the vellum on the other card is what's going into the other cards above

Aug122010_0059 copy

I made this card for my dad ... but I'm not done shopping for his birthday gift. His birthday is the 27th, and I bought golf fabric to make his gift bags (which I haven't had time to do yet). I bought him a golf book, and am not sure what else I will get him. Yes, he likes golf. Wink

Aug122010_0060 copy

Aug122010_0061 copy

And then I HAVE to share this ... I went to Jo-Anns the other day, and got ALL THIS for $24. Amazing! The golf fabric is at the top, and there's fabric on the bottom left that I'm going to use in my photography. The rest was all clearance scrapbooking. Two of the papers didn't ring up as clearance, and I'm not sure I want to haggle over the extra $1 they cost me. I'm annoyed about it though, as I wouldn't have bought them at that price (60 cents/sheet - they were marked on clearance for 10 cents/sheet). Some of the stuff I'll use as a prize in the next virtual crop we do here. Wink How great is all of this stuff?! The cards are the ones I used to make the cards above, so they all have matching envelopes. Love that. The golf embellishments are in this loot pile too. Now, if I only had the TIME to use these things ...

Aug112010_0063 copy

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How fun! For someone that has no time, you sure got lots done. LOVE all your cards, especially that pennant one. Love those bags too, how cool!! Thanks for updating. Hope life slows down and you find time to be crafty soon girl.

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all of those cards are great! I like them. I love your gift bags. My family would not be happy if I took the bags back after giving the gift in them. lol.

Way to go on your loot! I haven't scrap shopped in months. I love getting good deals like that!

I hate that your family isn't very supportive of your scrapping. I hope you are able to find some time to get some pages done.

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"gaidinsgirl" wrote:

I love your gift bags. My family would not be happy if I took the bags back after giving the gift in them. lol.

This is the first time I've given family the bags for birthday gifts, so we'll see how it goes. Mom totally gets it, she's the same way (so she willingly gave the bags back). My sister would probably throw them away if I didn't take them home, she's a minimalist. Wink And my dad, well, he's used to my mom so he'd be fine with it too. It's scary how I'm like my mom in some ways, I'm not sure I like the comparison ...

I did the bags for Christmas, and everyone knew they didn't get to keep them. They thought the idea was so awesome then, even the kids. I hope to have a big supply done in a few more months (I need to make Andrew some bags too) so that I don't have to sew any more of them for the family.

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Posts like this make me miss you girls so much!

First, I absolutely love your siggy picture...the boys match and the girls match...so sweet! and they are all LOOKING at you! So sweet.

That first birthday card is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Want.to.lift.asap.

The gift bag idea is one of the best ever. Just love it! They will always know "their" present too, by their bag. So green too. And I love all the make a wish cards. I'm itching to create!

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awesome bags, cards, and craft loot...love it!

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I'm totally feeling your pain about not having time to be crafty and then when you do it takes too long to get in a groove and you're time is up by the time you do.

Love the bags seriously thinking about doing some of those.
Love all the loot too. Awesome finds.
Great cards very beautiful

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I remember thinknig that those bags are such a great idea the last time you shared some. You're really really creative!!

Everything is cute as chuff here! Smile

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For someone without time, you really did to a lot! I do understand though. It seems like the more you scrap, the easier it is. When you don't, it just feels like glue to start.

Love the penant card, so cute!

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Gwen I am in LOVE with that first set of Make a Wish cards! Especially the top right one Biggrin Fabulous! May I lift please? lol

My family would try to keep the bags too. I'm glad yours willingly give them back because they are a great idea! You do a wonderful job on them and you will love when your collection builds up Smile

That loot is awesome! You should've brought me with you because I love to haggle over the wrong price being listed. LOL...whenever it happens with us Wayne will go "I'll be over here. Do your thing." lol. I'm never mean about it but I have no shame in making them see that something is listed for $1 in one spot and $1.20 in another Wink

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Gwen, I am sorry your family isn't being more supportive. :confused: I LOVE your new work though! I understand it being painful to be creative. I have sucked allll summer long. Now, I am back at work, so creative will be ZERO. The bags are awesome! Great idea! YAHOO on the loot!