Update on previous prayer requests (XP)

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Update on previous prayer requests (XP)

I can't remember where I've posted prayer requests for which family/ friends, so I'm going to give a short update on all that I can think of all at once. Smile

Annabel is 6 months old now. She's recently had a stomach surgery to help her eat better. She hasn't gained much weight and probably won't. Her parents celebrate every month as though it is a birthday and I can't blame them. If you want to see more about them, here is her blog:

Annabel's blog

My cousin with CF who got H1N1 is at home now. She's getting stronger by the day. She's currently on the transplant list for two new lungs and we pray every day that she will get one. It's so sad to me that someone has to give their life for that to happen and I pray that if it is not His will, that our family can be at peace with that.

Our band director's family is mending from H1N1, too. His 5 year old was moved today from the PICU unit to the regular pediatric wing and if all goes well, she will be released on Wednesday. His 3 year old is almost back to 100% and his wife is tired and weak, but on the mend, too. (I can't imagine the whole family getting it! He keeps saying the only reason he didn't get sick is because he's been a public school teacher for so long.)

My best friend whose water broke at 31 weeks just had her baby girl today. She was 32 weeks, 4 days. Aside from being small (3lbs, 10oz, 16inches) she is doing well. Her apgar scores were 8 and 9. As of now, I do not know what her name is, but her mom told me last time that I asked that her name was going to be Heather - her dad my not agree yet, but that's her name! ROFL

Thank you to everyone who has given prayers and positive thoughts and I appreciate any more that you have time to give!

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Will add all your family and friends to my prayers Carrie.

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that's a lot of updates! sounds like a lot of good news/improvements.

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Glad everyone is doing well at this point.