Update.....settling in....

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Update.....settling in....

Hi Ladies,

So we are settled and I really like this house (so much, DH and I joke about asking the landlord if they'll sell it to us in a few years...LOL). Anyways, there's still lots of unpacking and organizing, but at least I've got my office/scrap room up and running. I took all of Tyler's closet organizers and put them in my closet (his closet got smaller and mine got bigger) and I put all my ebay and scrapping stuff in it. There's so much to do, I had a hard time even breaking way just to start a page, but I'm SOOOOOOOOOO glad I did! Cause I miss it SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad! LOL I think it's been over a months since I scrapped. Plus I got so many new things for x-mas, including more scrapping organizers, embellishments, albums & a $70 gift certificate for Richard's. Whooohooooooo! Well I can keep rambling, but I won't. Thanks if you got this far! Goodnight!

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Yay for being settled and for getting a chance to scrap. Hope you can get back to it in a hurry.

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Way to go on the new space! Hope you have fun shopping (like that's a problem:))

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Woohoo! Can't wait to see some pages now that you're all settled in!

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Yay for a scrap space. Hope you get to put it to good use here soon.

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Glad you're liking your new space and getting all settled in! Have fun with that gc!

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How fun! Do we get to see pics?

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I'm very happy for you. How wonderful that you love the house, what a nice blessing. The extra space for you sounds nice too. I'm so glad you can scrap again!

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Glad you guys like the house! That's great. Right now, my house is soooo unorganized, I wish we would move so I could get organized. :rolleyes:

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Yay for more space! You'll have to take some pics. Can't wait to see your new work.

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Hooray for your own scrap space! Hope you get to hide out in there soon and get some pages done. Smile

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Glad you guys like the new house and that you have your own space all set up. Have fun with the gc and great to see ur back.

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glad you're settled, can't wait for you to get back in your scrappin' groove. I love your layouts. Smile

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Yay! Im glad that you're liking the house and have a special place for all your stuff. Im looking forward to your pics of your LO's!

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I'm glad your back. I was wondering where you'd gone. and I'm glad you like your new space. Now be a good girl and go scrap.