Upside down girl

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Upside down girl

This layout is of one of Brooklynn's favorite activities!!!

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Really love the colors of that one and the little flower made me smile. TFS

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I love the colors too! I really like how you took the same pic at different angles and sizes. That's neat!!

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Gosh that's cute!!! the colorful word Smile is awesome! I'm going to lift that. Smile This is such a great page to scrapbook.

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Oh that is so cute. I love the colors you chose. She looks like she is having a blast.

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wonderful work Biggrin I still can't believe how big she's gotten!

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I like the bright colors...though I have to admit, I feel like I should twist my head so I can see her better Wink

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That is just too precious!!!

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LOVE the colors

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I love it and her shirt is cute too.

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I also love the colors! She is adorable!

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HEhehe ... looks like she's having fun! Smile Great page, love the colors!

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she is too cute, and I love how you captured her words. Smile

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The colors are awesome! And I love the flower buttons!

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