Valentine crafts?

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Valentine crafts?

Hi All ...

I know I only post here about twice a year, but I do lurk and read all the time. Smile

I am trying to come up with some crafty type things for my 9 yo to make for his grandmothers, teachers, and dad for Valentine's day, but most of the things I have seen are more for smaller kids.

Anyone have ideas for an older boy? He doesn't want anything too frilly (he's a boy, after all), but we do try to mark these occasions for his grandmothers.


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you could have him decorate those mini mailboxes from target's dollar section. there are several websites with instructions and he could decorate them however he wants... here are some sites

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There are lots of vday crafts at this link:

I thought this one looked kind of neat for if Loli doesn't mind making flowers. Smile
I thought the grandmas would like it - maybe not for dad though. Wink

But maybe you can find something at the link!

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For the 100 days of school celebration, we're making valentine's candle holders. Buy a square votive holder from the dollar store and glue candy hearts over the entire thing. You get the fun of the messages and the awesome outlines of hearts on a wall when the candle is burning. If you don't want a real flame, the dollar store also have flicker "candle" lights.

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