Valentine Mailbox

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Valentine Mailbox

This is for our class party. All the kiddos are in charge of making a valentine holder and then I let them pass them out. Mine was getting ragged so I made me a new one! I used a shoe box, btw.

And Gwen- about 3/4 of the cut-outs were scraps. I remember you posting about doing a challenge with scraps! Wink


front: (I borrowed the idea of the ribbon going through the tags)



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That is totally adorable! So bright and cheery. I love it!

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I love it! I have to admit i'm a little lazy when it comes to making my v-day box. Every year I set out a bunch of stuff and let the kiddos create one for me. I love to see what they come up with. Last year they made a 3 tier cake!!! It was amazing.

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That is soooo neat!! TFS

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thats adorable!!
i just need to say that when i saw the "mrs jones" the song started in my head lol

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That is such a good idea!

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that came out awesome!!!!! and you must have better scraps than me. Lol (my scraps are mostly smaller letters and the insides of p, o, a, etc).

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that's fantastic!!!