Valentine's Cards

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Valentine's Cards

The boy's party is today. I whipped these up in about 30 seconds (the cards) when I realized the teachers probably didn't want a Wall-e box.

Seriously, I just grabbed red paper, a previously stamped border, heart stickers and started slapping things together. Then I decided that the black paper literally sticking out of my scrap paper spot and the heart brads from the boxes I destroyed to make the valentines would work and just added without letting myself analyze.

Simple and yet I think they turned out incredibly well. I liken it to when my husband does a "Saturday night special" of a sermon. You know you have to be to the point, so you're Captain Obvious, but that works sometimes.

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I think they are gorgeous! I can't believe you just whipped them up! I love the red and black! TFS!

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Those are great!

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Really love the color combo! Great!

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wow!!! I wish I could whip up something that nice so quickly. they came out great!

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Super cute! Love it!

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Okay those cards are just beautiful. GREAT job.

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i LOVE the Wall-E box too!!! I would totaly love to get one of those if i was a teacher! Smile

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Those turned out gorgeous!!!! I love the colors, the swirls, everything!!! Perfect!

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"MinaAriel" wrote:

Really love the color combo! Great!


I still need to make a card for DH, so I think I might use these as inspiration! TFS

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I think they're really great! They're beautiful!

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Katie- I'd be honored. Smile

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I'm with Gwen...if only I could "whip" something up that quickly. They're gorgeous!! TFS

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Ooh they look lovely, I wish I was practiced enough to whip something like that up in 30 minutes.

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i think they came out awesome. youd never know you did those in a few minutes!

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Very nice! I bet the teachers loved them!