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well.. the VC is officially over I suppose. I didn't get any scrapping done the past 2 days (as I had hoped), but we made some great progress at the new house! Shawn finally mowed our jungle of a backyard (the grass was literally as tall as Cadence!), bought a sectional for our family room from Craigslist, painted both Cadence's and Brandon's rooms, and cleaned about half of the kitchen.... oh and the hardwood floors in the livingroom/dining room were refinished as well!! I took pictures of the changes we've done so far and I just love seeing the progression from an empty house to our home. If you're interested, I'll post pics of what we've done...

anyways since I didn't get any scrapping done the past couple of days, I'm hoping to at least get a couple of pages done during the week. I have a cookie order this weekend (never sold my cookies before!.. i'm doing a big ole sugar cookie, a cookie bouquet, and a bunch of cupcakes. The theme is "mad science" so the hardest part of this order is figuring out how to incorporate that into what they want. Smile ... and i have no idea what to charge for this order...

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"Beertje" wrote:

So your recommendation is to forgo Design Studio altogether? Is SCAL like an upgrade to Design Studio? I didn't see any trial for DS with my carts... I got two in my bundle package on black friday a couple years ago - Plantin Schoolbook and Accent Essentials.

just download Design Studio from the Cricut site - you'll then run it as a trial and you can use Plantin Schoolbook with it. There are PLENTY of cuts readily available using PS online, so you can try it before deciding if you really want it. SCAL also has a trial, but it cuts lines through your whole design so what you cut is useless for using (you at least get to see how it works though). The DS cuts with your cart are all good, no lines.