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VC Check in

I can't believe it's starting already!!!!! I was thinking I had another day, that today was Wed. Crazy thoughts on an already short week. Wink

But I'm here, and I have two cards I have to make this afternoon. So I think that will be my first project of the crop.

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what on earth....i thought it was wednesday too! LOL
well I have no photos developed and not a lot of time until tomorrow but I will be here all the time on the weekend Biggrin
Have fun everyone!

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Are we really sure it isn't Wednesday because I thought the same thing LOL. Can't wait to get started! I backed off from my photos these last few days so that I would have plenty of material for this.

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i'm here.... yeah the short weekend has been throwing alot of ppl off....yesterday i was really thrown off till i realized i had to mail some packages.... then i realized that i had to get ready for the vc. so i've been organizing pics and getting Lo stuff together.

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I'm here, but have to run to the store this morning so won't get anything done until a little later. My goal is to make a few cards today and a couple of layouts.

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I'm here... well actually at work, but I have to head off for meetings for the rest of the day.. perhaps I'll get to a layout this evening...

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Yay! i finally get to participate in one! im excited!

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I am here, well really I am at my mil's cause I had to drop off the boys and get Jazz from school at noon. She has a shoot at 1 so I will bring my notebook there ands jot down my idea's for pages. I have so much to get caught up on!

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I'm not sure I'll be on much:( This "free" weekend is filling up. I'm hoping to get myself organized tonight and get on late tomorrow, or on Saturday. I'm volunteering at our public television auction Friday night and Saturday afternoon, plus we may have dinner plans on Sat. and Sun. and brunch on Sun. blah, it's looking too busy.

I love the challenges so far!

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I am here! Biggrin I will be able to get something started later today. I really got to finish Mikael's first year! I hope they go to bed on time Blum 3 so i can get started.

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I am here!!!! Haven't been able to scrap YET, but I am here none the less!

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I'm here for a super short time, I am currently working on a LO, but it won't be done today, then off to work. Hopefully I'll find some time Sunday or Monday to participate. Dh and I are having a difficult time w/ Tyler since the paci was taken away. He's having to find a way to soothe himself to sleep, since this also includes throwing everything out of bed (if he wants it that way, fine), even his favorite blanket.

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I'm here! For whatever I can manage. Even if I don't scrap I'm sure I'll be inspired by all of you!

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First time getting here all day. Time flies when you have your first prenatal visit and your boy "graduates" from kindergarten. I have to make a card for his teacher tonight so I'll have to do SOMETHING tonight (though all I want to do is sleep after this long day).

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took long enough, but I'm FINALLY here!!!

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"Avalon321" wrote:

I'm not sure I'll be on much:( This "free" weekend is filling up.

Ditto!!!! We went from having no plans to having plans pretty much the whole weekend! Sad I'm going to try to get one LO done tonight, and hopefully I can sneak a couple more in at some point!

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just finished 2 challenges!!! im pretty excited about the song title one!! and i always love the bingo!!! :DD

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I'm sorta here lol. I have to work tomorrow, Sat ... should be able to pop in and out the whole weekend.

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im going to try to do more tomorrow! my cousins wedding is saturday and i have nothing to wear! yay! lol so i have to go shopping tomorrow. :confused: i hate shopping since Ryan decided to ruin my stomach! lol but hes worth it!;)

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I'm finally on! First time today :eek: I'm hoping to actually get some time to do a few layouts, I think I have my mojo back, and Wyatt is back to taking real naps during the day.

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I'm here just on and off throughout the weekend. We have a busy one so hopefully I can get in when I can. If I can't do any challenges hopefully I can just finish things I've started or get done what I need to.

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I'm here today. My FIL is watching Madison and I can take some time to scrap since I'm just resting.