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VC Recap

Everyone did SUCH a great job this weekend. I've loved looking at everyone's work, but even with the "post your work" thread, with all the comments, I'm sure I missed some. I thought it would be nice to post a thread where you can "recap" everything you did.

Here's mine- 11 cards, one picture and a valentine's box.

White Challenge

White Challenge

Scraplift Challenge

Vellum Challenge

Mini Challenge

Mini Challenge

Busy, Busy, Busy Challenge

Landscape Challenge

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one card and 3 layouts

White Elephant

Busy, Busy, Busy

Use this layout

Color Change

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Great idea!

Three layouts

Six cards (had another one planned but ran out of time)

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Wow, I've already seen a few I missed. Great idea.
Cover and all months up to July on Year in Review Album

White-Elephant challenge.

Building/Landscape Challenge

Scraplift Challenge

I also made 7 cards, but they are for the swap. (I made 2 for myself to keep)

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Great idea! I see a few I missed as well.


Busy, Busy, Busy


Use this LO





Wow! I got more done that I realized!

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Great thread!!! I know I didn't get to see everyone's work......Here's mine: 4 LO's

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Great work ladies!

Here are some valentines I just finished:

I SOLD all of these ones to my teacher friends!!! Yahoo Anyone else wanna help a girl out and by more?! Wink

These kitty ones I made before but I sold!

sold the pink and purple ones:

And a card for a friend to give to someone special Wink

Heres the other work

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BEAUTIFUL WORK you guys!! There was soooo much to see these past few days it was insane!!! I LOVED every minute of it though. Smile I have lifted like crazy....keep em coming!!

Here's mine:
Austin's white challenge:

My White Elephant challenge:

My Busy Challenge:

Austin's White Elephant Challenge:

My Use This LO Challenge:

Two Scraplift Challenges from me:

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I'm very proud of the pages I got done thru this VC. It was my first VC and I can't wait till the next one;)
Two cards for White Elephant

Color Change Challenge

White Challenge

Vellum Challenge

Busy, Busy, Busy

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Great idea, I'm hoping to catch up over the next couple days:)

Building challenge

2nd page to that

White Elephant






Digi-Color change

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Here are mine...

White challenge

Busy Challenge

Picture Inspiration Challenge

Scraplift and Color Challenge

Layout Challenge

Mini challenge is my new siggy.

I did a couple of other pages I think, but my memory is shot today.

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I'm enjoying seeing everyone's great creations! Smile

Scraplift challenge:
day for a baby jpg

Mini Challenge:
tiny toes jpg

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card for white elephant challenge:

color change LO:

scraplift LO:

Just a LO, not for a challenge:

Vellum LO:

White LO:

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I sure did hate going to work today and leaving my scrapbooking! Here's what I did over the weekend. I put them all in the albums last night and I was amazed at all the work I got done. Thanks for the great ideas and keeping me company ladies!



Use this LO:



Loving You:

Busy LO:

White Elephant:

And extra pages I finished:

My goodness!!

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I added a little bit to one of my pages I did for the mini challenge. It was still bugging me when I looked at it today, and I couldn't leave it like that! It was just way too plain since none of the paper really had much pattern to it (the pink was a splotchy patterned one, but since I used such small pieces of it, that barely even showed up). I had borrowed some swirly stamps from my mom, so I used one of them to add a little something to the background. I think I can live with it now! LOL

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didnt get as many pages done as i wanted to but heres what i did!

Resolution Challenge:

Vellum Challenge:

White Challenge:

mini Challenge:

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