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    Default VC Show & Tell

    Just starting the show and tell thread. Post all of your work here, challenge related or not.

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    Sunshine challenge

    Paper piecing challenge

    Anything challenge

    Sketch challenge

    Halftime/Procrastination challenges

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    someone needs to make sure there are no pigs flying past their windows b/c I have finished my 2nd layout of the day (I'm up to 1 paper, 1 digi) which DOUBLES my productivity of 2009!!!

    This one wasn't for any particular challenge, so I thought I'd share it here:

    (decided this needed to be a 2-pager)

    Gwen ... thank you SO MUCH for encouraging me to jump in here today. I've got to work the rest of the weekend, so I'm probably done. But it feels SO GOOD to have done something creative today. Makes me dread my weekend work that much less.
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    Here's Natalie's birthday card

    nat card

    nat card inside

    And my layout for my sketch challenge


    pumpkinville left

    pumpkinville right

    Portrait/Piecing challenges

    I wanted to stitch around the birds but my machine doesn't have the right stitch (and my hand drawn ones don't look right).

    Funny looking at these with Jack at the same exact age.





    For the anything challenge.

    My 2.5 hour layout .... the layout itself took about 45 minutes (probably less, actually). the titles for each quadrant took a lot longer. I cut so many versions, the font is so thin that my letters were breaking apart.

    The beauty of this layout is that it replaces the four layouts on my to do list. One layout per quadrant!

    First, I want to show you my inspiration - this was in the current Parents magazine.


    And the layout



    Half Time Challenge (also counts for portrait challenge)

    I did mine in about 35-40 minutes (had to take a break for dinner). I'm like Angie, this is so simple that it's sad it took me so long. Most of my time was spent looking for the right papers.


    And a close up of the bears




    Sunshine challenge

    Finally did this. Thank you so much for this challenge - as a result, I scrapped photos that I had forgotten about.

    sunshine v3

    Kit is a RAK download from Aug 08

    first day preschool


    You had your first day of school today! You were so excited about it. You gave your teacher a hug when you got there. And when I picked you up, your teacher said “we could tell that Natalie has been to preschool before, she's such a good listener. She was the only child to listen the entire class”. What good news! Of course, they were surprised to find out that it really was your first day ever. You really enjoyed it but you told me that you really missed me.

    Kit is Childhood by Jessica Dixon except for butterfly, that's by Kristin Cronin-Barrow

    Another scraplift. This kit is Swirly Things by Melany Violette
    year difference

    For the procrastination station challenge

    The picture is 15 years old. I still can't believe I graduated college that long ago! (on top of that, I did an extra year because I changed my major a few times, I really should have been class of '94)


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    Here are my creations.

    portrait challenge

    Scraplift challenge

    Procrastination challenge

    Anything goes challenge

    And now a few Valentines

    Halftime challenge:

    And another one for the portrait challenge. :
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    VC #1

    VC #2






    #8 & #10


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    everyones work looks great!

    sunshine challenge

    sketch challenge

    scraplift challenge

    portrait challenge (will get a better pic tomorrow)

    slogan (and early bird!) challenge

    slogan challenge (#2)

    procrastination challenge

    vday challenge

    halftime challenge

    something new challenge
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    The nearest Michael's/AC Moore is about an hour away from me so I didn't get out today for adhesive. Decided to come back to the digi stuff I had downloaded and never used.

    I had PS Elements on my desktop, but we got a virus and had to wipe everything clean. DH reinstalled it for me and this is the first time I've used it since dd1's first bday invites (last April!!)

    Seeing the layouts beside each other makes me notice some things that really annoy me that I will probably go back and change (make the turkey's the same size or only use it on one page/move the journaling box to the bottom right corner on Part 2/make sure the red frame boxes are the same size on both pages/etc.etc.)

    At any rate, I'm okay with them for being my first real try at it! Think I will try to keep my next one with a simpler background!!!

    Trina (or other digi scrappers) - not really sure how to link or acknowledge the kits I used...I think I need a better method for keeping it straight myself! Do I just need to say who's kits they are? These were all free downloads from a link that Carrie posted a while back from a contest, I believe. I think *most* of the stuff came from Simply Shan Designs: What a Turkey

    Here is what I used for the Procrastination Challenge:

    It is Shabby Princess Festival and maybe a few things from SP Promises

    And I didn't have a lot of flowers downloaded (so I used hearts) and no brackets (just staples!), but this is what I would have submitted for the Sunshine Challenge:

    Not the picture I started with at all, but anyway. Most of the embelishments are KHadfield Little Hearts - I can identify the other things if anyone is interested!

    Oh, and I am totally embarrassed to put my digi stuff here near Trina's! Hehe

    Here is what I tried to do for the professional photo, but I don't think the photo is 5x7 in proportion to my page. Anyway:

    Shabby Fall - Scrapberry-Striped Paper/Shabby Princess - Festival - Embellishments/PhotoCowGirl - Small Town Girl - Brown Paper

    This is my Scraplift. I believe that Pickle N the Middle (?) posted this journaling a LOOOOOOONG time ago, but I had just started coming to this board and didn't make a note of who did what...I only have part of the original saved, but will post it later along with credits for this kit. I hope it's okay that I literally copied it word for word!

    Slogan Challenge - GE (General Electric) - We Bring Good Things to Life:

    Just for the Anything Page Challenge:

    For the Early Bird Challenge:

    Okay, here are some Anything Paper Scraps - my first paper scraps in about 10 yrs! I decided to finally do DD1's Portraits Album since I (obviously) already had those pictures printed. I may go back and journal and add more embellishments to some of them later, but I feel like I got a good start. At least they are out of their envelopes in the storage cabinet!

    And my first card for the VDay Challenge:


    These are the last two from me for this crop! I decided to try paper scrapping again tonight. These are also for her portrait books even though they are just snapshots I enlarged and/or made a collage out of. I would like to add journaling at some point.

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    edited this one out.. to combine with my other post.
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    My first completed layout -for the sunshine challenge

    For the anything challenge:

    No challenge, just cuz

    1/2 time layout:

    Portrait challenge:
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