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VC Show & Tell

Start a thread here and edit it each time you have a new layout so we can see all your work! If you edit the same post each time then it'll all be in the same spot Smile

Remember to turn off your siggys!

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My layout for challenge #1


I love these two pictures of Jack and Natalie enjoying the snow. Jack is happy to be on the toddler sled, smiling at Angie who was pulling him around. Natalie is just happy to be outside with the snow falling around her. Little did we know that MUCH more snow was coming to us only two weeks later. December 5, 2009


Here's my layout for challenge #2
you did it

Jordan is riding her bike! I cannot be any more proud. She wasn't ready last year so I didn't force it. But this year we took the training wheels off. The day before, she had attempted to ride with me pushing her, but that only lasted for about 10 minutes. She just wanted to play with friends. So the day she actually learned to ride, she really did it on her own. She went up and down the pipestem by our house, and took right to it. No frustration, no tears, no falls. And now she's a speed demon on wheels. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
April 16th, 2010


Here's my layout for challenge #9:


Jack is enthralled with Jordan's microphone

with seeing himself in the mirror

and giving kisses

I cherish his pure joy

February 2010


Challenge #4 - soft side

Here's my version of soft. Wink


An un-posed kiss, he did it on his own.
Jordan 9 days old • Andrew 20 months old
July 2003


No challenge, just a layout (and I LOVE how it turned out)


Used SCAL for the title and date, love how it turned out


Hidden journaling

Andrew had a playdate with Carson the day that I took him for his 8 year photo shoot. So we brought Carson with us. It was a beautiful fall day, and we went to Goose Creek for the photos. The boys had a lot of fun posing for me while exploring the path along the creek. Carson fell onto sharp metal, and that was the downside of our excursion. He recovered and was soon running along with Andrew again. They posed by the graffiti under the busy four lane divided road during rush hour – they loved that! It was a very cool and fun photo shoot.


Progressive Challenge #7 layout

The New Dora Haircut

Daddy took Natalie for a haircut, suggesting she get a “Dora haircut”. I quickly jumped in, showing Natalie a picture of the “new” teenage Dora, who has MUCH longer hair than the “old” Dora. I was very relieved when Natalie came home with shoulder length hair, and she ran around telling everyone she got a “new Dora” haircut.
March 2010

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Layout for Challenge #1


Layout for Challenge #2


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something old, something new

time share template

mothers day

dragging your feet

5+ photos

softer side



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Here is my spot!

This is for the soft challenge

This is for the multiphoto/dragging your feet challenges

Emotion challenge:

Something Old, new, etc challenge

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here's mine for Challenge with 5+ photos

Another one for 5+ challenge

Saturday scrap challenge

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Time Share Challenge

Dragging feet challenge

Scrap Saturday challenge

5 or more pics challenge

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here's my one and only for today...I'll have way more time on Monday

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VC Challenge 1 - Template

VC Challenge 5 - Dragging your feet
Adapted the VC 1 LO because I can't help myself cluttering things up!! Only five months behind on these...not too bad!

Journaling says: Cadence loved her dollhouse and Princess Megabloks
on Christmas morning.. Ella was a little too little to
realize that this morning was any different from the rest
of her life, but she seemed to like the roly-poly baby
doll that Santa brought her. . . that is, until she fell
asleep on the floor. Since she had been up most of
the night she was still a sleepy head. . .
(There's a typo Chhristmas on the layout...I fixed it)

VC Challenge 6 - 5+ Photos

VC Challenge 7 - Progressive Scrap
In progress...

VC Challenge 8 - Mother's Day

VC Challenge 9 - Saturday Scrap

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I'm a bit delayed... Here's what I have so far, BUT not finished, haha! *hopefully!*

Challenges #3 & #6:

Challenge #9:

And for Challenge #4:

Dragging My Feet:

Dragging your Feet and Emotion Challenges:

#8 Mothers:

#8 Mothers:

#1 & 6:

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WOOOT! Biggrin

Here's my layout for the Saturday challenge:

This one was for the emotion challenge:

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My spot!

This was for the Show me your Soft Side

what's softer than a naked baby in cloth diaper (BTW thank you again Gwen!) on a snuggly blanket?! Wink

Random cards I made and never posted

For the Dragging your Feet Challenge

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Timeshare Template

5+ photos


*whew!* I made it... one more
I double entered this into the Mother and the Softer Side challenges. It could be entered into the old, new, borrowed, and blue, but I don't want to triple dip, and I just realized it has all of that. ROFL

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Challenge 1

Softer Challenge

And another

Took this while the stickles were still wet (and under a lamp light) so I'd get it posted before the crop ended. This is the Father's Day card I'm making for the kid's godfathers.

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I have been having a very challenging morning with my camera. I am just posting this to hold my spot for now. I managed to get 2 LOs done. If my camera decides not to work I will at least take some cell phone shots so that I can enter some challenges.

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mine spring flowers