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What is the best adhesive for vellum? I have only used it once so far. I used spray adhesive and it made the paper look wet. I think I over used but was hoping for something different because the spray gets really messy.

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well, I do it a couple different ways. if it fits into my Xyron, then that's my preferred way. when it's completetly covered with clear adhesive, you can't see any of it. when I can't, I either use brads, eyelets, or stickers to attach it.

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I know you can get an actual vellum adhesive too it works great, I'm sorry I don't remember the brand, but have a look in Michaels or a store like it.

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I actually used spray adhesive when I did invitations to attach vellum to paper. You can spray too much, but after doing like over 200 vellum invites, you get the hang of it. LOL The brads and eyelets are a good idea. What about glue dots? Depending on the thickness of vellum, you can barely see the glue dots. Glue stick? It would probably curl the paper, but I haven't tried it yet.

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i buy vellum adhesive at walmart. it works great!