Vellum Glue

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Vellum Glue

Well I went to target and walmart and never found any. Is it specifically vellum glue or is it some other kind of glue that happens to work with vellum as well? I'll be trying Hobby Lobby tomorrow but want to make sure I'm looking for the right thing!

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Yes, it's specifically vellum glue, but looks like a tape runner. I'm sorry you had no luck finding it at Walmart. Maybe you'll find it at Hobby Lobby. I'm sure they'll have it!

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The only place I can find it around here is an actual scrapbook store, and they are always out! Hope you find some...

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I got vellum spray glue from Richard's, your craft store should carry something like that too.

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I use cm vellum tape. Hope you can find what you need.