Very Nervous (OT)

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Very Nervous (OT)

I'm posting this here because I feel more comfortable with you ladies. I love my IVF girls but don't feel comfortable posting over there right now.

So AF should be here TODAY! I'm a CP checker and for the past 2 days it has been low, slightly open and soft. So I thought for sure AF would be in town today. I go to check CP this AM and it's High, firm and closed. Sorry if that was TMI. I'm nervous because this is one time I don't want to test. Wierd I know since I'm a POAS addict. I haven't really had any PG symptoms the only wierd thing is when I try to sleep on my belly I have to move my bbs so they are comfy. I have slightly mild cramps and have had them on and off since this weekend. I'm really nervous. I have to leave for work in 45min so I don't have time to run to the store for a test and come home. I could get a test and then test at work? But that would be well wierd.

I should also mention that I'm not sure on exact O date. I had EWCM from CD13-15 so I put O at around CD16 or 17. So if CD 16 then AF is definitely 1 day late if CD17 then she should arrive today. But if it is later than CD17 then I still have a few days.

What would you do?

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I'm not sure what to tell you...if it was me I would probably only test if I could get a cheapie.

I will say though, that I remember all too well NOT wanting to test on the cycles I got preggo, b/c somehow I felt like I already knew. I know that doesn't make sense, but maybe it is a good sign for you too!



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ohh I am crossing fingers for you! I would buy a test and test at work LOL. I am a test freak though. I tested with Allie when I was only 9 days and it showed up even, tiniest line ever. Please keep us updated.

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if a had a feeling that i *could be* preg, i would test. it would stress me out until i knew yes or no! good luck! i really hope this is it for you!!! you deserve those 2 lines!!

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*crossing fingers and saying prayers*

I would only test at work if you could handle being emotional (positive or negative) around your co-workers.


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I would go buy a test after work and test with FMU tomorrow.

I'll be praying for you!

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Buy a test on your way home and then you can test tomorrow am!! But that's coming from a POAS addict Smile

I'm holding out this week, so I need to live vicariously through someone Smile

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I think I would try to wait.
I sooooo hope this is it for you though! You totally deserve it!

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I think i'd probably wait.... i know it will be hard but it will be a stronger line if u wait anyway.

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I would wait until tomorrow morning as well but want to wish you all the best girl :bigarmhug:

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i agree with waiting for FMU tomorrow am!! you are in my thoughts and ill be checking back to see whats up!!! Biggrin *fingers crossed*

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Well the witch showed. Sad which means I will no longer check CP cause obviously I can't read it right. Oh well....I'll keep practicing. Smile

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Sad I'm sorry she showed up. I never could check mine either, I just got frustrated trying to understand it.

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I am so sorry the witch showed!

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I'm sorry to hear af showed for you. Ttc is hard enough that you don't need the witch teasing you. :bigarmhug:

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:bigarmhug: I am so very sorry. I'll keep you in my prayers. You're gonna make a wonderful mommy one day.

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CP is hit or miss. I checked this current cycle and it was hard and up ... and AF arrived an hour later. Seriously. that's why you have to use all of the markers. I'm assuming you're temping. for me that was always the big one.

but to answer your question, I would have tested.

sorry the witch arrived. I think about you often, and I just wish your body would give you what your heart wants. I can't even imagine how hard it is for you to struggle with this.


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I'm sorry the witch showed her ugly face.. I really do hope it happens for you soon.

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I am so sorry Kebrina. :bighug:

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So sorry AF showed Sad

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So sorry Kebrina

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Sorry the witch showed, that sucks Sad

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