very pic heavy! - new layouts

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very pic heavy! - new layouts

(I journalled that funny story on the back...I couldn't be bothered with hidden journalling lol)

Abby comes to our daycare but is also my cousin...and you hear nothing out of this girl's mouth but HANNAH MONTANA. we always tease her (she's family lol) saying Hannah? Who's that? Wayne one day said "Hannah Mon-garbage" which made them all giggle at the time but now I can't get the boys to stop saying it to the girls...thanks DEAR. lol

2 double layouts from the olympics...the first is for the daycare book, the second for mine and Wayne's book

On Olympic fever day we let them watch a bunch of the Olympics to cheer Canada on and then we had our own mini olympics wear we won gold medals in speed skating. Wayne so kindly donated his medal to use on this page Wink

(the girl dancing on the left of the second pic is my cousin Lindsay Biggrin I was so proud of her being in the opening ceremony :D)

(oh and I should add that, despite them being in my hometown, I never actually went to the olympics...we had too much going on ...I have google images to thank for these pics Biggrin

And this is Wayne's favourite place to eat...a British pub we found here...the food is SO yummy! And it's run by Brits and is super authentic so Wayne feels at home there Smile

Thanks for looking!

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these are great! I love seeing snippets of your life at the daycare. you're so busy with the kids and you do the most fun things. love the crazy hair and pajama day. your Olympic pages are so cool. I just couldn't get into it this time around, but I love that you did and that you preserved those memories. super cool on the pub - what's Wayne's favorite meal there?

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Awesome pages Karen! I love, love, love the first few. The background pages are so neat and I jsut love how you document the birthdays, teeth losses, etc, of your daycare kiddos. I bet they love it too??? You guys are so great. Such great pages here!! TFS

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Those are great, I really love the Olympic pages! Your daycare kids are so lucky to have you! Smile

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Those turned out great Karen. I giggled at the the Hannah who page! Smile

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I love how you bracketed the heart on the first layout! Your eye is drawn to it and that ties the story of the pics together.

The tooth fairy is perfect in lavendar on the tooth page. What cartridge is the tooth on?

I think the crazy hair and pajama day layouts are my fave! The design is great!

I'm glad you did a layout about the British Pub.....that place is special to Wayne and you both and later on you'll look back and think of all the great dinners you enjoyed together there.

GREAT job Karen! Yay for getting so many done!!:yahoo:

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Those are so nice!!! I love how you scrap all the stuff you do with your child care kids!

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Geesh! I can't believe how busy you've been! You stay on top of your albums so well! I love the british pub page the most! What a fun memory. I also really like the tooth page!

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These are so fantastic! My favorites are the olympic pages. I love how you made that gold metal!

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I love all your pages!
Can I come to your daycare?:)