Virtual Crop?

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Virtual Crop?

Is this weekend the one we decided on?

What days is it going - Thurs - Mon or Fri-Mon? Or something else?

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I'll have to go looking, but I feel like it was Thurs-Sun, maybe it's until Mon.

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thursday til monday i believe Biggrin can't wait! i hope i get some LO's done.

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Yep, Thursday through Monday! Smile Can't wait!

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Sad So bummed I have to sit this one out!!!

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total newbie here Smile What's a virtual crop?

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Yay, I'm excited!

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Hoping to join in for a little bit, although I know for sure I am out for Friday and Saturday. Sad Oh, and I just remember DH is golfing on Sunday, so it's not looking too promising! Maybe I can whip out at least a few LOs, though!

"Cherrykitten" wrote:

total newbie here Smile What's a virtual crop?

It's kinda like going to an IRL scrapbooking get-together (crop) without having to pack up all of your stuff! We all scrapbook together and show each other what we're doing by posting pics. There is a chat thread which is always lots of fun! And there are challenges to get you moving, something I desperately need!

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I'm very excited although I won't be able to do a ton this time.

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I am soooo looking forward to the VC!!! I've already lined up daycare for Saturday so I can spend a few hours (or more) uninterrupted to do my scrapping. While I have some "me" time for a change (which has NEVER happened in the 2 years since we've been down here) I'm going to get my eyebrows waxed and get a pedicure while I'm at it. I'd get my hair cut, but the salon takes forever (which is a good thing) - like an hour, but I don't want to waste my precious alone time getting that done because I want to get home and scrap! Can't wait!!! Yahoo

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Well I am officially on summer break as of tomorrow and I had planned on popping in this weekend but now I am REALLY excited. Charys mentioned a crop on facebook so I had to run over and find out the details. Can I join in???? I need the motivation.