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Virtual Crop Check In:

Morning ladies!! Still trying to think up a challenge or two. I have to run errands today so not sure how much scrapping I'm going to get done and have lots of houses to look at this weekend as we are hoping to buy in a month or so. So not sure how involved I'll be, but will be here to cheer yall on at least. Smile Looking forward to a great crop!! Yahoo Who's here???

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I'm here!!!!! Whoo hoo! Wanted to pop online and kick off my first challenge. I need to feed us (me, Nat & Jack) then I have to get Nat to school. Then I'm back to work! I have to finish Nat's birthday card first though.

Here are my goals (completed goals in red):

1. Complete Natalie's birthday card
2. Paper piecing challenge layout
3. Halloween layouts (I have a TON of pictures printed, I need to figure out how to handle them all - I have three layouts I could do, but I kinda wanna merge it all into one layout)
4. Pumpkinville layout

5. Hershey Park summer trip (HUGE stack of photos for this, it's gonna be hard - I've been putting it off)
6. Digital layout for Hershey Park winter trip
7. At least two professional photo layouts (yes, my challenge was started because I'm hoping for inspiration) One done

Wow, I have some lofty goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Goood morning! Just checking in on my way to work. I wish I could call in sick today. Blum 3 LOL! I won't be home until after 5:30pm, but have a great day! I'll catch up on everything tonight and this weekend.

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I'm here but I am not.. lol.. Just jumping on the computer before work.. Blah I work at 6:00 am... but I probably won't be scrapping until tonight after 8:00 pm.... I am going to go get a crap load of pictures printed today Smile Hope everyone has a great day!

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I am here but I won't be scrapping for a bit. I have to meet my daily goal on ChaCha before I can play and I think we are going to take Jamie to the dr today for a nasty cough he can't seem to kick. After that I am going to scrap scrap scrap.

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I'm here but still with no cricut Sad I'll get what I can done without it. I'm off to work so I'll be back on later tonight.

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I'm here sort of! I'll be lurking during the day and soaking up inspiration... have to work. Hoping to get a page done tonight, though!

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I'm here but wish I wasn't (as in I'd rather be having this baby):) Not gonna get anything done till naptime or maybe tonight.

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Heading to work in a bit here but I'll be around later and throughout the weekend :D. Looking forward to getting some stuff done, I have a decent pile of prints waiting for me.

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I'm here I'm going to try and get some done today but if not later tonight and tomorrow while DH is home.

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I'm here. Sorta, anyway! I was planning on some quality play time with the kids this morning because I cleaned a lot yesterday and left them to entertain themselves a lot. I've got some mommy guilt about that, so I want to make up for it at least a little! So maybe after DH gets home this afternoon I'll get started. Tomorrow I may be able to sneak in a layout or two early, but we are taking DS to see Nemo on ice, so that will take up the afternoon/evening. Hopefully I'll be around more Sunday/Monday!

Kebrina, what happened with your cricut? I saw your post that they are sending you a new one (I think?) but I must have missed the original post about what was wrong with it. Glad they are taking care of it, but wish you had it for the VC! I know that it seems nearly impossible to scrap without it once you are used to using it all the time. You can do it though! Biggrin

Lena, hope you won't be able to join us! Wink LOL

ETA: Gwen, can't wait to see your Hershey Park layouts! We go to Hershey Park fairly's less than two hours from us. We have family in Hershey and we were just there this past weekend to take DD to see Elmo Live. We will often just go in the Chocolate World ride since it is free nad our kids are young enough to not even notice we're not going in the actual park. ROFL That would be funny if we were there at the same time.

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I am hoping to be able to scrap some today but i have to head to the store to get me some adhesive to be able to do so.

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im here! we have to grocery shop today (boo!) so i probably wont get to scrap until my little nugget takes a nap! Biggrin

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I'm here to chat today! I'm at work so no scrapping for awhile. I probably won't be able to scrap until Sunday afternoon and/or Monday. But I've got TONS to work on scrap-wise. Hopefully this will help break the dry spell!

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Hi ladies! I will be scrapping at some point this weekend...and Monday I don't work but DS goes to daycare (since we pay for 3 days and we are going out of town wed. afternoon). So at the very least, I will have monday to finish up Yahoo can't wait to see everyone's creations!

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Okay, I'm here. Not quite in the mood for scrapping today, but think I make myself do one page, then more later. Hi everyone!

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I'll be jumping in tonight after little man goes to sleep Smile I cleaned extra during his am nap so I don't have to worry about it later!!

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Kat - I did a bunch of chores while DS napped too...3 loads of laundry folded, another load in, dishwasher loaded, divided up and froze a big pack of meat...phew. Hopefully we can all get some scrapping work done too.

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HELLO Biggrin Finally I am done with my crazy day and able to join in the fun. I will be here most of the weekend but tomorrow morning I am going scrapbook shopping at my lss cause they are having a HUGE sale Smile Then I am crossing my fingers that I get to go buy my new slr camera. Oh yeah, tomorrow is a good day. I have to take pics of what my prize is and then I will post my challenge Smile

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Wow, I haven't been on here in forever and the day I decide to come look around I see a VC!!! Would anyone mind if I join ya all for the weekend? Hope not, cause I'm excited!

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morning ladies... im gonna be here off and on throughout the day. between laundry and dishes and of course time with X Biggrin

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Hello ladies! I haven't really spent any time scrapping yet! I was planning on doing some while the kids napped, except the kids decided that today wasn't a good day to nap! So i made with them (well, with Cadence at least!) that if gives me some time for scrapping then we'll go to the park.. so i sat down for about a half an hour to scrap but the sun has gone.. so it looks like i'm cutting my scrapping time out for now so i can take the kids to the park before it rains or gets colder. I hope to be back tonight though!!!