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Thread: Virtual Crop Chit-Chat Thread

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    Default Virtual Crop Chit-Chat Thread

    Morning girls!!! Linda has already posted an awesome challenge! Can't wait to get off work tonight. Wish I could just call in sick. I'm starting a crockpot of ham and lentil soup, so I won't even have to cook tonight.

    See you all later......have a great day!! Woohoo for the crop starting today!!!!

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    Good morning!!! Well, I'm hoping to really be able to participate. I have a friend coming by shortly for coffee. I have to get Natalie to school and do a ton of laundry today. And we're having our winter HVAC service this afternoon. That being said, I'm optimistic that I can play here. I'll only have about 2 hours each tomorrow and Sunday during the day, and then hopefully I can get more done after the kids are in bed. DH is hosting a poker tournament so I'm single mom from dinner on.

    I've been really busy with other stuff ...
    It's fall ...
    Fun with textures
    Help! Skin is driving me batty (pic heavy sorry) - edit post 18
    Jack's 15 month shoot - CC please

    Okay, here I am typing away, and I still need to comb my hair from my shower! Ack! Jack is sleeping, I'm hoping my friend arrives before I have to take Natalie to school so I can leave him with her. It's cold and rainy and nasty here, and since he's not feeling well, I'd rather not take him out in it.

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    Hehehehe... I just put beans in the crock pot so that I could make chili to take to the crop tonight. (Meals are provided at the crop but I can't think of a single thing ever made that has been 100% allowable with my new food allergies so I'm supplementing with some of my own food!)
    wife to one, mommy to four!

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    Hello hello! I'm here still gotta go shower and get breakfast before heading to my room. Before I can start on any LOs I have to finish some cards I've been working on.
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    Oh, you ladies are so on the ball! LOL. I should figure out dinner soon too so I don't have to worry about it later. This week has been so strange - we spent three days at my parents' house, just getting home yesterday, and we're leaving to go back tonight. While we were there SIL called to ask if we could come back for a bday party for BIL tomorrow. Of course we don't want to miss the party, but we probably wouldn't have stayed there so long during the week if we knew ahead of time about the party! I was planning on scrapping a little this afternoon while Lindsay naps but now I'll have to pack and pick up the cake, so idk if I'll have time or not. If I don't have time to sneak in a LO today then I will try to sweet talk DH into giving me some kid-free time on Sunday! I can't wait to see all of your awesome work!

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    I'm at work, so I don't get to scrap until later, and I'm not even sure if I will have time.... Hope so though. I really want to, I know that.
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    You all better motivate me to get my work done today so that I can play this weekend!

    I'm at work right now, but I'm loving the challenges that have been posted so far!

    Oh, and all my scrap time is contingent on us keeping power for the weekend. We got a heavy wet snow last night (with more today and tonight) that's knocked out power to the outskirts of town already. The lights here at work keep flickering, so I don't know if we'll lose power today or not.
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    pickle in middle


    I'm excited to get started later today. Our weekend road trip got canceled because of Dh not being recovered from throwing his back out. There is no way that he would be able to sit in the car for 7 hours right now. So that means that I get to stay home and scrap!

    Because I was planning on being gone from Thursday to Sunday we are in dire need of some groceries which will slow my day down....

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    Hey ladies! I'm so excited! I'm working from home today so I should be able to check in lots!
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    I'm here and hopefully my boys will cooperate. DH surprised me last night by letting me know he arranged a babysitter for tonight and that we are going on a date. I'm excited about the date but irritated because he knows about the VC. Anywho, a date is a date. Saturday I'm using up my birthday presents of a massage and pedicure. I hope to hit a craft store as I will be without children for a few precious hours! Sunday is pumpkin patch day but at least then I will have more pages to scrap. I'll be here, just in and out.
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