Virtual Crop Prize story!

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Virtual Crop Prize story!

I just had to share with everyone on the board that the people at the Daily Digi are awesome (although we already knew that!). Since both winners from my challenges were digi-girls, I thought the Digi Files were a great prize because it's 8 kits for $5 (and a great way to build up your stash of non-freebies).

I couldn't find a "Buy a gift certificate" option though, so I emailed them and they emailed back asking details about the challenges, etc, I gave them the links to this board and the challenges, and they gave me coupon codes for the girls (Carrie and Beth) for FREE! I offered to pay them for them several times, just thru paypal, and she said that was ok ... so I just wanted to post about their awesomeness! Smile And they're working on the gift certificate link Smile Thanks Daily Digi People (especially Steph!).

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that's awesome!!! wish I won your prize. Wink I acutually bought May's Digi Files after Beth posted the link, can't wait to use them, great stuff!

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That's brilliant! How nice of them!

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that's super cool!!!

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WOW! How cool is that!! What an awesome site!

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That is awesome Trina!! How super cool they are!

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oh wow! we need more people like that in this world! thats very awesome!

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That's awesome! I'm just redeemed mine and am excited! They have awesome designers, too. Smile

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that is awesome!!

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That is sooo cool.

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"MommyCB" wrote:

WOW! How cool is that!! What an awesome site!

yes I agree how cool of them!

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That is really awesome! I love the daily digi. What a great site.