Virtual Crop this weekend

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Virtual Crop this weekend

I hope lots of us are looking forward to the virtual crop! Who will be here?

I'm not going to be around on Saturday, it is my brother's last day in town and we are having a family party, but I can do a little on Sunday and I'm open all day on Monday Yahoo

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I am in! I really need to catch up. I went and bought Damien a saucer today just so I could start scrapping again. lol He loves it so this weekend should go well. I am also pre planning my pages by having the pics I want to scrap developed and I am going sb shopping tonight. Even though I have my own little store upstairs but the good thing is I can hang more stuff on that rack and dh will never know right. Just kidding he is the one who told me about this new scrapbook store he found while working so I am going to check it out. Sorry to hi-jack who else is in?

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I have 2 IRL friends coming over Saturday to scrap all day, so I'll be checking in all weekend and scrapbooking! YAY! can't wait.

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I have not scrapped in a long time, maybe I can find some time this weekend to take part.

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that would be great scrapangel!

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I will be on most of Sunday, and hopefully a little while on Sat. and Mon.

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I don't scrap (yet- Christmas I get digi software), but I'll be here making cards.

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I hope to be here off and on. Sooo jealous you have friends to scrap with IRL Charys. Lucky you!!

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I will try and stop will be my first time Smile

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I am in for this weekend! YAHOO! I can hardly wait! I want to get a bunch done!

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i will be on mostly in the evenings after my kid goes to bed (which is super early), unless, by some miracle, he starts to take good naps (that is not going to happen). i plan on doing some serious housecleaning tomorrow though, so i won't need to this weekend.

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Well, I should amend with, I'll be creating if I get any free minutes. Lately those are few and far between.

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i cant wait!!!!!!!

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DH works Saturday, so I'll be here, and in and out Sunday and Monday Smile

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I am excited that I will be here this time around...I have missed all the others. Hopefully I can set aside some scrap time since I am way behind too!

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i'm hoping to get some time in, too. But I do most of my work on the weekends (I have the opposite schedule as most folks). I'm hopeful that I can get some time!


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I'll be around too! Dh wants time on his comp game but I will be doing lots and will post them in big lumps. lol

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i'm ready to scrap this weekend i haven't had much time and have been kinda in a rut where i can't find time to scrap.... so i ordered a ton of prints and they should all be here in time to scrap this weekend..... i already forwarned dh


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Most of my time will be on Monday....I hope I get something done!

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I will be around! This is my first crop so I am anxious to see what's it's all about. We are having people over for dinner on Saturday so I won't be around too much then but I will be here Sunday and Monday.

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I haven't been around much but I'd really like to try and participate Smile DH will be hanging out with kiddo a lot this weekend so I should have some good scrapping time!

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YAY!! We're gonna have a great crowd! I'm already planning on fun games and prizes! Smile

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Can someone explain the virtual crop to me? I scrap (when I have time) but I've never done a virtual crop.

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it's just a fun version of how friends get together and crop Biggrin We just do our scrapping and come online and share throughout the days(s)...also there are challenges and prizes and it's just generally lots of fun!

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I'm planning to participate. Oooh, I guess I need to clean off my desk so that I have room for scrap stuff. I recently started a bow business so I have ribbon all over my desk :eek:.

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I'm hoping to be around but I have to work some this weekend so I may not get a chance