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Sadly, yesterday I discovered that the scrapbook store I can see from backyard, is closed.

So very bummed.

However, I did get a chance to do a walk through of JoAnns and Archivers in Coon Rapids. I had DH and the kids with me so I couldn't browse too much as I was on a mission for storage. Never found what I wanted so I just bought some Cropper Hopper paper holders. I will need to get more dividers if I ever hope to get my paper organized. I'm about half way there with my scrapbook nook but unfortunately, everything else takes precedent.

Hope to join you ladies soon. Wink

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Oh, bummer! How cool would that have been?!?! Maybe it being closed will be better for your pocketbook, though! LOL

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What a bummer! Atleast you still have an Archivers near by. Look on craigs list for store fixtures. A lot of stores that are going out of buisness sell the fixtures. You could even see if the store behind you would sell you any. They are great for storage!

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Oh no!!! That stinks! Sad

Ok, Nancy. Now that you're in MN, and not too far from St Cloud, you have to go to Crafts Direct. It's about 40 minutes from you. But if you and your dh are headed to St Cloud, let me know and I'll tell you where it is!! There's also Michael's, JoAnn's, and a Scrapbooks Plus (as long as it didn't close)!