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I am sooooo not happy. I just about killed myself yesterday doing all of my errands and shopping. Then I came home and cleaned until I literally could not walk. I was hurting when I went to bed. All in an effort to scrapbook ALL DAY LONG.

So, this morning, I get up. (still sore) I feed the monster and start getting my stuff out. I start going through my pics and print off a few. T.J. decides he wants to help so I get out his paper and stickers. I go to open my brand new pack of glue sticks to give him one. It's dried out! I check another. It's dried out too!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous!!! I bought a 6 pack of glue sticks and EVERY SINGLE ONE is dried out!!!! I have no glue!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HAVE to scrap today!!! DH left me a note that a plumber is supposed to be coming by sometime today before 4 pm. 4!!!!!! I can't sit here all day without my glue sticks. I seriously am going to cry. A trip to get glue sticks is about 40 minutes or so round trip at the least. Our water bill doubled last month so we have a plumber trying to find where the leak is so I can't risk missing him.

If anyone has a teleporter, can you send me something sticky? :confused:

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BTW- It was an elmer's photo safe glue stick 6 pack. Those people are SO getting a mean letter.

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oh no! that sucks so bad! I would definitely write a letter and tell them you want a new pack sent to you. Sorry about your day but maybe you could at least arrange your pages and glue them down next time? :bigarmhug:

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ARGH. That would put me in a bad mood too!!! I hate buying something to get it home and find it doesn't work like that. Sad I'm sorry. Maybe vent that anger into a letter. Wink Who knows, you may just get double back?

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"captainswife" wrote:

maybe you could at least arrange your pages and glue them down next time? :bigarmhug:

I was going to suggest that, too. That totally sucks, though!!!!!!

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Oh gosh Nancy!! That does stink soooo bad. I agree that arranging is good, at least you'd have something done. I can totally understand your frustration.

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Still scrapbook anyway! Cut everything out and line it up. Hopefully the plumber will come early and you can get some glue in the early afternnon.

I'm so sorry! I'd be totally upset too!!!!

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I found 1/4 of a roll of tape squares so that should help with piecing. I also have some glue dots for placement as well but those things are kinda pricey so I treat them like gold. Oh, well! I must scrapbook!!!!!!!!

Do plumbers work in the rain? It's sprinkling here. Maybe if the plumber doesn't work in the rain I can sneak out? I know, I know, I can't risk it but it's sooooo tempting.

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yes, plumbers work in the rain. Wink

I'm glad you found some sticky stuff. that sucks about the dried glue. Email them ... you'll get a faster response. Include your mailing address in your reply - I do that a lot and get free stuff.

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Sucks to hear about the glue sticks! I have had bad luck with a few brands doing that too! I stick with photo adhesive squares for my photos and Zip Dry for everything else! I am glad you find some adhesive and are getting to scrap!!

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Stink! Just stink! I'm glad you found something sticky to use. I'm the same way about using glue dots and my xyron. It has to be really worth it! Sorry your day is not going as planned!

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:confused: Bummer. I hope you were able to find something.