Wallet Father's Day Card

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Wallet Father's Day Card

I stole this idea from here: http://kraftykylie.typepad.com/blossom_designs/

Her's was a lot better. I shouldn't have done it tri-fold because it was just a lot harder to fold. I'm going to stick a note in the center and a gift certificate in the main opening.

And I thought of something I made last year for a Father's Day idea. I've already shared it, but there are so many new girls, I thought I would share it again. It was really quite simple and DH loved it.
Father Mini Album

I found all the Father quotes from the sticky on this forum.

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that wallet is so cute. I might try that tonight from Jamie for dh.

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Those are both so cute. I actually like your tri fold better, but I can see how it would be more difficult.

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Charys, the wallet is fabulous!!! The "Father" album is great too, I actually got that idea off of DYI: Scrapbooking, I was going to do a Grandpa album, but I never got around to it. TFS the "Father" album again, it inspires me to do it.

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so cute! he's gonna love it! I like the book too. The last pic of them in the book is stinkin adorable!

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That's cute! I like the trifold. It reminds me of a man's wallet. Smile

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How cool!

Um, now why didn't you post these LAST week?? I am outta time!! Wink

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That's great! I really like the way you did it better. Biggrin He's going to love it!

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I love it!!! and I remember that book and I still think it is awesome.