wanna hear something INSANE??! (ot)

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wanna hear something INSANE??! (ot)

You know how we run a daycare from home...So Wayne comes up with the idea to make June "outer space month" for our theme...I will add a pic of our display tonight...
So we've been teaching mainly the big kids the planets a little bit (the 3 and 4 year olds) and whether they catch on or not is fine since they learn all that much later in school...
So our oldest gets in within 2 days and can name them back, then my almost 4 year old cousin....
What floored us the first time was when C who JUST turned 3 got them on the 3rd day (because we only go over them twice a day quickly)...we made a huge fuss...the next day our 2 and a half year old T (though is very baby-ish) goes "my turn!" She had always run to play while we taught the older kids and appeared to not be listening...but I wanted to let her have a turn...she starts naming them and gets them ALL right. :eek:So we all freaked out and I even videotaped it for her mom...
Well, we have a one and a half year old baby as well (the little sister to C)....the next day I'm changing her diaper and she goes "pluto". We both giggled and I said "do you want your turn to tell us your planets?"... "yeth" she says LOL...So I say "Mercury......." (thinking she was going to shadow everything I said)...nope...she takes off and in the tinyiest little baby voice goes "Venith, Erf, Moz, Poopiter (LOL)...My jaw was on the floor....I go "Uranus..." and she goes "Nuptune.....PLUTOOOOOooo!" Can you freaking believe that??!!!:eek: And the real icing on the cake was that her mom's family was all over at their house that night for C's birthday...(someone else picked the girls up that day and I hadn't had a chance to tell their parents what their baby had done)...so they get C to show off her planets and they all freaked out how much she had learned....and then baby E jumped right in and shocked everyone there too! LOL!

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it is crazy the things that those little minds can remember!

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My jaw dropped when I was reading your post Smile Thats really awesome!

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Holy MOLY!!!! I'm 25 and don't know them all in order. Wink That's really amazing!!!!! Like I said, can you please come to Texas and watch Kayson? Biggrin

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That is AWESOME!!! It is amazing how much kids pick up even when we do not think they are listening.

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It's so amazing what little minds can soak up! That's awesome! WTG kids and WTG to you and Wayne for teaching those LOs! Smile

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:eek: Holy smokes!! That's awesome!!! I would be so proud of my kids! You and Wayne do such a great job with the kids. Those parents are so lucky to have found you.

Charys, No, she can't come to Texas to watch Kayson... she's coming to Virginia Beach!! ROFL (she just doesn't know it yet!)

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Wow, that is wonderfuly amazing!! What a great job to you and the kiddos!

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oh i forgot to add her "Thaturn" (saturn) lol. See? The kids know them better than us! lol

Thanks girlies...and unfortunately I'm staying in Canada (or moving to New Zealand one day) but if you ever want to move we should have room. ;)I plan on getting my Early Childhood Ed and expanding this daycare at some point. Biggrin

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Wow Karen, that's really neat! You should be very proud, as I would be.

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that is awesome!!! I think it's so neat that you have themes and teach the kids so much. I love little minds, I need to work more with the little minds that live under my roof.

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Woah! That is nuts! I don't even know them all!

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That is so cool, Karen!!! Sounds like a bunch of smart little kiddos, but they've got a great teacher! Smile

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That's crazy!!!! Man I wish we could send K to you instead of our dayhome, she'd actually learn something there! lol But that'd be a long commute.

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Wow, so crazy!!!! Smile

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very cool that you have themes. You are such a good teacher to go so out of your way to do these things. Your daycare rocks!!!

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That's ace! You are obviously an excellent teacher!!!

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YOu are the BEST ever! I cant believe those kids! WTG Karen for being a wonderful teacher!

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thats amazing!!! Biggrin you go girl!! your a great teacher!!