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Want to cry

Okay, so I finally had vol 2 and vol 3 of my 2008 books printed. By the way, I scraped over 250 pages last year. Anyway, I received vol 2 yesterday and it looks great, but I received vol 3 today and want to cry... I forgot to click the button on the pictures for the cover to tell it not to adjust my colors. Now the pink of the cover looks all faded and doesn't match either the binding or the other two volumes for that year. It is the smallest book so cost was only $100!!!! I want to cry. I was so careful to check the box on every single interior page, but forgot to do it for the cover and back.

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Oh, Stephanie! I am so sorry that happened!!! I would want to cry, too. Actually, I probably would cry! I know how it is to work so hard on an album and want everything to be perfect!!! But you know what? The memories that you captured inside of that album are so much more important than what the cover (or any of the pages) look like, kwim? You and your family will still love to look at it and treasure it just as much as the other albums. :openarms:

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aww im so sorry Sad

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Katie said it so well ... it really matters what's in the inside. But that SUCKS that they don't have a global button to say don't auto-correct on everything. Costco has the global option, and I'm thankful for that.

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:bigarmhug: I would want to cry too! Where did you get them done? Perhaps if you complained that the color was wrong they might redo them?

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I doubt they will reprint the whole book, especially since it is user-error. I had them printed at shutterfly.

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:bigarmhug: Stephanie!! I agree with Katie, as sad as it is, it's what's inside that counts. Don't be so hard on yourself.

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can we see it? Just wondering how it looks Smile sorry

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"mommys" wrote:

I doubt they will reprint the whole book, especially since it is user-error. I had them printed at shutterfly.

You're probably right, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask! Maybe they would at least give you a discount if it's going to really, really bother you!

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that stinks!!!! how terrible. Sad could they just reprint the cover??

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ooooohh! I'm so sorry! Katie said it well, though. It might not match, but the memories inside are the important part.


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My mom feels bad for me and has decided to order me a new one and she will take the old one. I did email shutterfly but have not heard back.

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Aww, thats nice of your mom though I'm sure she will absolutely love having the old book. I can only imagine how frustrated you must have been when you saw that cover.