Want to see something funny? (Kelleanne, look here)

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Want to see something funny? (Kelleanne, look here)

Kelly (Kelleanne) and I are on a couple of the same teams.

Independantly, without talking to each other this is what we came up with for a kit:

Kelly's layout:

My layout:

Not only did we use the same kit, we used the EXACT same template (from a different designer, not the CT one).


I had to laugh at that! Great minds must think alike.

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Wow that's amazing!!! Yes you both do awesome work and are "great minds"

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That's pretty wild!

and I love them both. Smile

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I saw that on the CT board! That is too freaking funny!

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That's crazy I guess great minds do think a like those are great pages!

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thats hilarious!! ROFL

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How funny:D
I love them both too!

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That's great!! hahaha, you two really are great minds. :cool::cool:

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ROFL That is crazy! I love both of them!

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That is so cool. I like both of them a lot too! They are great!

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haha!! thats crazy!! but the pages both look great!!! Biggrin

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Oh wow!! How funny. I too love them both, the colors are so fun!