We are finally home (xp)

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We are finally home (xp)

Just a quick update to let you all know we just got home. We had to stay an extra day due to Cohen being a little early and them wanting to monitor him. Everything is absolutely wonderful and he's just a little champ. We are so in love!!! I will update with photos and everything else later tonight. We are pretty exhausted. I've got 209 photos on my camera to upload. lol
THANK YOU ALL so much for the sweet wishes and kind words!! I think Cohen's whole birth experience truly couldn't have been better.

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I am so happy that you guys are home and now you can enjoy your new addition outside of the hospital. I look forward to new pictures and CONGRATS again.

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congratulations again. I am so happy for you. I can't wait to see new pictures of Cohen!

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so glad you're home! love the pictures on Facebook. Smile can't wait to see even more!!

congrats again! now go get that tooth pulled. ROFL

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as Gwen said, I've got pics on Facebook going up as I type this. It's so slow for me right now, so I'm just doing a few at a time. I'll keep adding to the album....

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And yes Gwen, that tooth is a priority. Wink I'll be calling on it tomorrow.

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Congrats and great news about the delivery going so well! Can't wait to hear the birth story! Boo, I don't have you or Gwen on FB! PM me if it's ok to add you! Smile

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congrats!! cant wait to see some pics!! Biggrin :D

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Of course! All of you friends can add me on FB. You can find me under I'll probably remover my email addy tomorrow ok?

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So glad you're home and everything's going well!!!

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congrats and welcome home!

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Congratulations on being home. Hope this time at home is special and you recover well.

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so glad you are home and everything is going great. Love the pics. Enjoy your little one and yes go get that tooth pulled!!!

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This is the one time I wish I had facebook. So glad your home. Take your time and enjoy that little guy Smile

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Yay!! Heading to FB next!!! Thinking of you often and so glad you are home enjoying your new little man. Congrats again!

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:bigarmhug: CONGRATS again. You guys are such a lovely family. I hope things continue to go so smooth. Miss ya! Wish I could see pics. Maybe you could email them to me?