We have a walker! (OT - Video & LOs)

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We have a walker! (OT - Video & LOs)

Akira finally figured out that she really can walk. This was from Sunday. Yesterday, she was running. She can't get enough of it! My babies are growing up! Sad

Here's the girls on their favorite rides:

Here's a couple more LO's I did as well:

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Tracey, I LOVE your style! Those LO are so great! I really love that second one. The pics are so cute as well as the design. Great stuff! My sound is awful on this computer so I am not a fan of watching videos as I can't hear it, but congrats on having a walker!! They do grow up so fast. Sad

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[LEFT]Thanks! I was hoping ppl would iggie the sound cuz I always think I sound funny, haha! But I did it for the actual walking (her legs go really funny before she actually stands, like she wants to run in place) and playing on the rides since they love playing side by side or taking from each other atm.

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Those videos are soo cute. I love her little legs, looks like she has jelly legs. My son looks like that as he just started crawling.

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too cute! I love her jelly legs! she's a fast mover for a kiddo that just learned to walk!

and the new layouts are wonderful, I adore the Akira layout!