We are home from Eli's surgery....lots of pics

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We are home from Eli's surgery....lots of pics

Everything went excellent...as far as the surgery...the waiting on the other hand...they werer 2 hours behind!!! He was supposed to go into surgery at 12 and he didn't get in until 2!!! 14hours without food! 6hours without anything to drink! AND they gave him the sedative too early so it wore off and they had to dose him again. Sad But he was happy as a clam and didn't care that people were taking him from me lol.

Below are pictures from today. the after pictures do show his bloody incision....just a warning incase someone doesn't like the sight of blood. Well who DOES like the sight of blood...lol...i meant if it bothered you. Smile ok i've been awake too long...now i'm rambling!

in the waiting room

in the pre-op area...

after his sedation cocktail lol

The first time we got to see him...

Finally awake

At home...the only thing he wanted was "melmo" (Elmo)

And bedtime. I leave the "no-no's" on when we can't watch him like a hawk. I told him he could watch Lion King in his room if he wore his no-no's. He said ok, let me put them on him and hoped into bed. lol

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Oh poor little guy Sad I sure hope his owies heal up soon so he doesnt have to wear the no no's any more.

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He only has to wear the no-no's for 48 hours this time. his last two face surgeries he had to wear them for 2 weeks! Sad

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Poor little guy. Looks like he is handling everything great though. Glad to hear he only has to wear his 'no-no's' for 48 hours. It must be tough on him to wear them

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May he have a fast recovery, he is such a brave little guy.

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Oh gosh Liz!! I can't even imagine that. I too will pray for a fast recovery! Glad to hear he's home safe and sound.

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Wow he's such a strong and brave little guy. I can only imagine that these surgeries are harder on you than him. Glad he only has to keep his No-no's on for 48 hours this time.
Sorry that they were running late and he had to go even longer without any food/drink in addition to having to dose him up twice. It's a shame they couldn't have told u ahead of time so you could've come to the hospital later.

Anyway glad he's home and that things are going well.
keeping you in our thoughts and prayers

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Glad he's home and recovering. I'm glad Melmo and Lion King made him feel better. Smile

Prayers for a speedy recovery!

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one of my best friend's son has had several of the surgeries, I think the "no-no's" were the hardest thing for both of them. looks like Eli's handling it like a champ!!!! that sucks that you had to wait longer, but he looks so happy after his cocktail. Wink

WTG Eli, you're such a big boy!

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i hope he has a super fast recovery!!

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What a sweetheart just laying there all good with his no no's on. I will pray he recovers quickly. So glad it all went well when they took him.

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im glad he did better than you had expected! hes a brave little boy!

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Way to stand strong little Eli!! :bigarmhug:

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Thanks for the comments and prayers ladies. Smile He woke up this morning asking for Melmo again. lol so that is what he's doing right now. He's a tiny bit more moody then normal, but he's still his normal 2year old self lol

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i'm glad to hear the surgery went well! i hope he's healed in no time! it sounds like he's a trooper!!

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Glad the surgery went well, Hope he heals fast...

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He is such a trooper. THanks for sharing the pictures. I hope he heals quickly and is back to his old self soon.

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Out of the loop, no idea what a no-no is ...

But I'm glad he pulled thru it fine and that you did too!

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in some of the after surgery pics (above) he is wearing arm restraints...these are no-no's. he can' bend his arms to play with his face....

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Glad all went smooth, other then the wait. Hope he heals quickly!!!! KUP!

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What a brave boy!! I hope he heals up quickly. Is this going to be his last surgery?

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This will not be his last surgery. It may be his last cosmetic surgery though...depending on how this one heals. The next one he would have done is a bone graft for the roof of his mouth. They will do this when he is 4 or 5. and after that he will have several dental surgeries, has he does have a missing tooth and they are coming in very crooked.

BTW, Charys...OMG Kayson is looking like such a big boy!!! Look how much he's grown!! Such a handsome little man!!!

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He looks so cute with his no-nos on. HUGS mama I know the hospital is not any fun.

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