We are in trouble.....

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We are in trouble.....

Our dog (well, she's kind of a stray who comes around when she pleases) just had pups. :eek: I mean, I knew she was preggo, but I didn't think she was that far along. I went out to get some wood from the barn and I hear puppies. No matter how ugly she is, or how ugly the daddy dog is, those pups are just adorable. I took her out a blanket and some food & water. I don't know what else to do. I took Ruthie out to see them, which will probably be a mistake in the long run, but I just had to. There are only three. I don't know if she is finished or not. One black, one white, and one tan. She let me pick them up, and she seems to be nursing them fine. We were wanting to take her to the pound, but now I guess we are stuck with her and some pups. I plan on getting rid of her later, b/c she cowers, but I know Ruthie's going to want a pup. Who knows.... I just think they are too stinking cute!

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Well first I think you'd better get them checked out to make sure they are healthy. Who knows, mom may have rabies, so be careful. If she' a stray you aren't sure if she's had all her shots and if she's afraid of people that may very well be a reason why. So please keep Ruthie away from her and the pups until you're sure that they're healthy. Call the ASPCA and report where she and the pups are, and tell them you want to adopt one of the pups. They will come pick her and the babies up. They'll make sure they are healthy enough for adoption and take care of them until they are old enough to be adopted out, then they'll make sure they're spayed and neutered, and have all their shots for a cheap price.

But don't try to take a pup from her. You don't know what her reaction will be.

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Oh wow, good luck and let us know what you do.:)

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Ah, take a pic! How sweet! Yep, you're stuck with atleast one now. Wink hehe. I'd be just as bad!

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ITA agree with Erin's post, sometimes dogs carry stuff too that you can't necessarily tell so be careful. Thats said I am jealous I want a puppy sooooo bad right now but its just bad timing for us. Take a picture of them for us so I can stare and be even more jealous.

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I want to see a picture too!! I would love to get a puppy for the boys, but we are definitely waiting till they are old enough to help take care of it.

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What kind of dogs are they?

Trust me, you don't want a puppy. LOL!!!! They are cute, but, trust me. We have a lab, she is almost 1. She is SOOOOOOOOOO hyper. Never again. :bigwink:

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Wow, I hope everything works out! My dog just had puppies on Monday, but thankfully she's at the breeders house.

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Wow, that is cool. I've never seen "just born" puppies.