A wedding and an anniversary card (MORE ADDED)

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A wedding and an anniversary card (MORE ADDED)

Here are my latest two


My parent's anniversary (their colors were a dark peach and white)

For some reason, the photography didn't do them justice. Must be because of the hazy weather. All cuts are from Wall Decor, except the words on the first that is from Jasmine.

Today's haul...
Mom requested a thank you card for her coworker who has been covering shifts for her. They joke that they (the IV team at a hospital) are members of the bee club. Of course, the "b" stands for something else, but so they could get away with it, they put sticker of bumblebees everywhere.
The bee took some time to craft. The card mechanics are from the card Liz did.
Many thanks is from Jasmine.

Using the leftover paper, I made an additional thank you.
Books are from Wall Decor.

And finally, a baby card for a boy/girl twin. Line is from Wall Decor. (Can I just say how amazing that cart is?!?!?!?!)

P.S. Part of the reason I became so stoked about getting a Cricut is because my religious cards are starting to become known. Apparantly, I'm really good at making guy cards too- to guys, from guys. Right now I have an "order" for a variety pack of guy cards. (I will charge him for them, but I don't have a deadline to make them yet). I have another order for 3 birthday cards and an anniversary card. My MIL hired me yesterday to make 30 invitations for an English Tea. This has all been done through word of mouth. I'm seriously considering opening an Etsy shop, among other things.

Unfortunately, the cards that made me famous, I don't have pictures of. I made them all 6 hours before the event (as I got last minute- oh my goodness, PLEASE help) calls for those. It's all exciting and terrifying at the same time.

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I'm really starting to like the looks of the Wall Decor Cart!
These look so nice!

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These are great! I love them both! I need to make a couple cards for my MIL and you are inspiring me!

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Great work girl! I need to look up that wall decor cart too.

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wonderful cards! My fave is the castle one but they are all great! Biggrin Congrats on being so successful!

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Those are fabulous cards! Seriously, I'm envious! Love the first one and the bee and the baby.... Wink

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I just KNEW you'd rock a Cricut!! So happy you got one! These are amazing. It doesn't seem like you just got a Cricut. That first card is amazing! All of them are really. Congrats on getting the orders for the cards too. I hope you stay busy and can make some $$. You make me want to buy Wall Decor. I love that baby clothesline.

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I am going to get Wall Decor! I didn't realize it had so many great cuts on it. Those cards are all so good!

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My other carts were waiting for me when I got home. I ordered them on Sunday, and they were here by Wednesday- WOW!

I can't wait to play with them. Smile

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I can see why people are willing to pay you for your cards! Seriously, they rock! I think I like the bee one best .. or the baby one. Ya, between those 2. And the annviersary card.

Just call me Miss Decisive Wink

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oh, I'm loving your cards, especially the baby card! The wedding card isn't showing up for me though. Sad I think it's AWESOME that you're getting orders - you make such nice cards, and you should get paid for your work. Sounds like you're super busy!!!! Don't forget about us in your crazy card making time. Wink

love the story behind the bee card, and that turned out so nice!

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Hm... I had more then one copy of the picture in photobucket. I thought I deleted the correct one. I guess not. Smile

Here it is.