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wedding page

LOOK ... and 2nd page from me in less than 2 months!!! WOO HOO!!!

I'm putting together a few pages for my brother and new SIL. This is my first so far. I have a ton of pics, so I'm hoping to do a ton more pages. Smile

I used the Shabby Princess Vintage Floral kit for this page. It had JUST the look I was going for. Smile


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Ooooh, that's so pretty Gigi!! They are going to love it! I am going to steal that quote for my sister's wedding album. Smile

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Beautiful page!!!

Hope you don't there a spelling error? "It's a choice you make - no (sp?) just on your wedding day.

I figured you'd want to correct that before you give it as a gift. Smile

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Great page:)

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Awww, that is pretty. I hope you get a bunch of pages done for them.

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Very sweet.

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AMAZING! Biggrin I am sure they will treasure it for years to come!

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Thanks for catching the typo. I fixed it in the print version, but I'm not going to fix this one just yet. (feeling a little lazy)

I love that quote. It's in my wedding album too. :+)

I appreciate the feedback.


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Great page. They will love it I'm sure.

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thats is beautiful!

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That is very nice!

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Great job!

I feel like the grammer police...can you tell I do proofing type work right now? Do you mean "not just on your wedding day", because right now it says "NO just on your wedding day".

Just trying to help you make the page perfect and it's a REALLY minor thing.

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Gigi!! I love it! Good job!:D

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GiGi, that is just lovely! and the journaling is amazing!! glad you're starting to do more pages, can't wait to see even more!

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That is so pretty! I really love the scroll around the journalling.

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unfortunately i can't view it.

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It won't let me see it either Sad

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"Drumapril" wrote:

It won't let me see it either Sad


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sorry 'bout that ..... when I fixed the typos, I re-uploaded the image. I thought it kept the same URL, but I guess not. Anyway ... I fixed the link (I think) ... so let me know if you still have trouble seeing it.


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I can see it now!
Very nice... and I love the quote...