Wedding scrapbook?

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Wedding scrapbook?

Ok so I am doing a wedding scrapbook for my brothers wedding as a gift.. their wedding is in may, and I know I can't do much scrapbook wise until I have the pictures of the wedding (which I am taking by the way eek!!!) anyways here are the list of pages that I am planning on doing for their scrapbook..

1. page with their names on it..
2. Important dates.
3. Her Story
4. His story
5. Engagement photos
6. Engagement Photos
7. Maid of honor
8. Brides maids
9. Best men
10. Grooms men
11. Mother of the bride
12. Mother of the groom
13. Father of the Bride
14. Father of the Groom
15. Flower girl
16. Ring bearer
17&18. (the next couple of pages will be people walking down the isle.)
19. Groom waiting for the bride
20. Bride walking down the isle
21. Saying I Do
22. Kiss the bride.
23. walking down the isle married
24. Married couple
25. Bride, Groom, Maid of honor, Best man, Brides maids, and grooms men.
26. Brides Family
27. Grooms Family
28. Both Familys.
29. Driving away with the just married sign on the back

and then after that will be party pictures and what not... but geez that is alot of pages to think about.. so ya.. do you guys think I am missing any important parts of the wedding.. I think though i am gunna add some pages of the bride and groom getting ready for the much to think about.. what do you guys think???

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I definitely agree - the getting ready pics are always great to look back on. You have so many pages listed here - you could probably even make a separate book for the reception! I don't know how many pages look good in a book - I've never actually made one yet :confused:

All the things I'm thinking of are reception things - like the toast, the cake, first dance, stuff like that...

P.S. Good luck being the photographer - I'm sure you'll do great! I think I'd enjoy trying to do that - but it would make me nervous as heck to do it for a wedding - you are so brave!

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wow, you are going to be busy! what a wonderful gift!!! yes, the prep pictures are always a good part of a wedding book. and maybe a picture of the pile of gifts at the reception. Wink

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I am deffinatly going to take many pictures at the reception.. I am glad that my memory card for my camer can hold almost 900 pictures..but I think on the way to the reception I will download them on to my computer so I can make more room for the pics....

presents and cutting the cake and the toast and the head table are deffiantly going to be on the list.. so nervous...

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"Faith1985" wrote:

..but I think on the way to the reception I will download them on to my computer so I can make more room for the pics....

That's great! Wink I love digital cameras! Yahoo

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Just do your best and be sure to get pics of elder family members etc. I'm sure you are going to do great.

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Good luck!

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wow, that will be a great gift and wow so generous of you. I agree with the others, I would probably do a seperate book with the reception or maybe try and combine some of the pages: like the father of the bride/mother of bride, the family pics, etc. Then it will open up some pages for the "getting ready", etc.

sounds great and such a great gift.


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Yes, that is sooooo nice of you to do!!!! You're inspiring me to maybe do one for my twin's upcoming marriage.