Wedding scrapbook so far. Pic heavy

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Wedding scrapbook so far. Pic heavy

I am almost done and will give it to them when they come down in april Smile

Here is the scrapbook it self, it opens in the middle and is help closed by magnets. I really liked it and I didn't want a traditional wedding album, good thing is she has seen it and said she really liked it Smile

ANd then in order of how I have it in the book.

That is all I have finished for now. I wanted to keep it kind of simple so the embellishments wouldn't take away from the actual pictures.

I hope they like it Smile

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Very cute. I think she is going to love it. Love the colors of the wedding.

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Oh ya and all of the embellishments and words are from the cartridge sweethearts Smile

My new fav cartridge Smile

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Oh the colors you chose are beautiful! I love how you did the titles and kept the photos the centerpiece. They are really going to loooove it!

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I think it's terrific! Biggrin

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I too love the colors, but purple was always one of my faves. Great job! They will adore ii I'm sure.

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That is just perfect!!! What a great gift!

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I think it's perfect! simple totally works, the colors are great, and I just adore the finish!