Wednesday QOTD

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Wednesday QOTD

(my brain isn't working today so...)

What's the weather like today where you live?

Here it is so cold and wet. We are in serious need of some sunshine!:help1:

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Same here, cold and wet.

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It's in the 30s. Supposed to be a high of low 40s. It's too warm and stuffy in the house, so we have a couple windows open in the kitchen/living room to air it out while the boys are gone. (They don't like cold so much. They're in long sleeved shirts today. Anna and I are in short sleeves and barefoot.)

It's cloudy otherwise but much brighter then yesterday with the storms.

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It's been raining here so it's overcast ane wet, and on the chillier side today, temps probably reaching into the fifties.

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Yesterday was snow. Today is sunny. Oh, the changing weather....

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It was 70 degrees yesterday, and now it's 54 degrees and rainy. It stormed bad last night, so I think the cold front is moving in. :confused:

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About 66 and raining so we are just ripe for a big storm. Under a tornado watch now.

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dreary, windy, cold, wet. it rained the last couple days so our driveway is a mess. i can hardly make it back up it with my car!

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Overcast, windy and wet (from last night). I'm staying in!

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it was beautiful all day, highs in the upper 60s. I enjoyed a nice walk after lunch with the younger two kids.

but rain is on the way and cold weather returns. we have a wintrery mix in the weekend forecast. Sad

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75 degrees and breezy. A nice day for taking Kayson on a walk....which is what I'm going to do with a girlfriend and her 2 boys in just a few minutes. Smile

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Sunny but cold Sad