Wednesday QOTD

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Wednesday QOTD

What is your favorite pair of shoes? (For dress and for comfort) ...

Thank you for all the pm'ed questions ladies...Charys gave this one which is a great question...but if you saw MY shoe closet you'd know it didn't come from me. I have ONE pair of good running shoes and ONE pair of dress shoes. ROFL

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My fave pair of dress shoes are these adorable strappy pink sandal wedges.

My favorite comfy shoes are the tennis shoes my mom got me for chrismas

But my favoritest that I wear almost every day are my naturalizer boots.

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I have a pair of simple black heals for dress.
Some Columbia sandals for summer.
Brown Eastland shoes (not sure what they are called, maybe loafers but heavier) for winter.

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I have dozens and dozens of shoes its way too hard to pick a favorite. I love tall stiletto heals but they are not practical by any means. I guess right now I am still loving my pair of black suede boots, they are comfy because they are almost flat and also very warm. My feet haven't gotten too swollen this pregnancy but enough so that several of my shoes are out of comission, I hope its temporary.

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i LOVE LOVE LOVE flip matter the weather. I always wear flip flops. and i have a pair of cute open toe stillettos for dressier wear.

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I am not a shoe person. I would say 90% of my shoes in my closet are hand-me-downs, except for my tennis shoes. My favorite shoes are my boots. The boots I bought when I got married. They are super comfy and they keep my feet warm and dry. I wear my tennis shoes more often, but that's b/c I need something light right now. My feet are already swelling. :confused: As for dress up....ha, my brown "dress up" shoes are tennis shoes, and my black ones are flat shoes that I bought, sold to my mom, and then borrowed back! Lol

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Oh wait!!! I totally forgot about my sandals, that I bought almost 8 years ago. I bought some slip on black Nike sandals (I think they are called soccer sandals) and I still have them and wear them everywhere. I would say those are my all time fav.

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I have a pair of black and a pair of brown clog-type shoes from Target that I wear everyday!!! LOVE them

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I have 2 favorites during the winter and they are my black Hush Puppies and my brown Dr. Martens'. Once the weather turns warm I am almost always in flip flops. My current favorites are my Yellow Box flip flops. Here's a couple of pics.

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LOL, for asking the question, I'm not really a shoe person. (though if I was rich that would change instantly. I'd probably own 200 pairs!! haha)

I wear flats a lot. you know like these:

ignore the fact that I'm wearing black socks with them. :rolleyes: I guess fashion is not my forte. I bought these and about 6 other pairs at walmart for $5 over the last few years and wear them almost every day. I've got them in all colors. lol

For dress, I love my high-heeled brown boots or some strappy heels.

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I'm like you - I have a pair of dress shoes, and my regular, every day shoes that I wear, well, every day.

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Birkenstock are my 1#

I have some sexy tall black lace up boots that DH loves

And some stecher sneakers that I bought about 8 years ago and still love

I love flip flops when it is hot in GA thats about all I can stand on my feet unless I am at work with my burks on.

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I don't do heels!! I'm just a tomboy I guess. I wear mainly Mary Jane type shoes to work b/c I stand on concrete most of the day.
AS SOON as the weather is nice enough, I'm all about flip flops!